Is the end near? NASA warns of a gigantic asteroid approaching Earth

Is the end near? NASA warns of a gigantic asteroid approaching Earth
Is the end near? NASA warns of a gigantic asteroid approaching Earth

He outer spaceVast and intriguing, it is home to a diversity of celestial bodies that fascinate scientists and enthusiasts alike. However, not all of them are simply bright spots in the starry night; some could represent a threat for our planetary home.

On this occasion, the POT has issued an alert about a asteroid that approaches the Landawakening the curiosity and amazement of millions.

When could this asteroid impact?

Under the name of Apophis, this asteroid, with a length of 340 meters, was discovered in 2004 by a team of astronomers. Its name, taken from Egyptian mythology, evokes the god of chaos and darkness, a choice that does not seem coincidental given the magnitude of his presence in the cosmos. But, What is the key date on which this rocky giant will touch our planet?

The indicated date is April 13, 2029when Apophis It will pass just 31,860 kilometers from the Earth’s surface. This is equivalent to a proximity 10 times closer than the Moon, making this event one of the closest encounters in modern history between the Earth and an asteroid of such magnitude.

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Likewise, the oblong shape of this phenomenon, similar to a peanut, will make it visible to the naked eye for a few hours, projecting a point of light in the night sky over the territories of Africa and Europe.

However, beyond its imposing appearance, this flyover could have consequences on the trajectory and rotation of the asteroidinfluenced by the gravitational attraction of our planet.

Could it be the end of the world?

Although recent planetary defense tests conducted by the POT have demonstrated the ability to deflect asteroids, Apophis impact does not pose global extinction threat. However, detailed observations of its orbit in 2021 have ruled out the risk of impact, reassuring those who consider it one of the most infamous asteroids.

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