The dream that started on the Boardwalk and conquered Santa Maria do Herval

By Cleiton Zimer

Santa Maria do Herval – About 20 years ago Elisabete Miro, now 64, met Santa Maria do Herval and was enchanted. She came from Novo Hamburgo full of faith and dreams and decided to start a life here, with her now deceased husband Adjair Silveira Miro and their children.

A baker, she chose to continue making pies and snacks at Teewald, but, as she was not known, the business did not go very well. After that she had the idea of ​​making snacks. Through a partnership, some people started to resell in shoe factories – the former Maide, Henrich and Wirth. It was a success. At her peak she had approximately 130 snacks a day.

Elisabete never stopped believing (Créd. personal archive)

With increasing demand so did wear and tear. After all, it was Dona Elizabete alone. “I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 3 am. As things were baked, I had to get up early for the staff to take them to the factory“, account. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore.

He moved again to Novo Hamburgo but Herval was his place. After two years he returned, bought land and built a house in Padre Eterno Baixo. She even made some snacks again, but she had a dream: to have her trailer.

But how to start if I couldn’t afford it? I spoke to my mom and my second oldest son and they bought a hot dog cart“, account. It was something simple, of those that are out in the open.

It started with the difficulties adding up

The cart was there. They needed to work, but they couldn’t. They were dependent, for three months, on a release from the City Hall, at the time. Until Miro went there and explained the situation and, finally, the public authorities released him – but with some requirements: he couldn’t just stay in one place, he had to walk around. There was no electricity available in the place and they had to “make their way around”, sell while everything was hot.

Elisabete with the cart she started working on (Créd. Personal archive)

Elisabete remembers to this day. The first day was on a Friday afternoon. It started at 16:00 near the gas station on the Calçadão, downtown. Didn’t sell anything. On Saturday she came back and sold three hot dogs. Sunday, it was again.

He kept on believing. They bought an extension to connect the cart so the food doesn’t get cold. In this way, pushing it up and down, it always stopped to connect to the network and heat the sauce and sausages.

One day, believing it would make a good move, he got ready, bought everything, especially pepperoni for the hot dog (which was new). The result? Didn’t sell anything. “I came home sad, I cried a lot”.

Another one, in the summer, when it was already well known for its snack, it was certain that it would sell well. “There was a storm and, as I was outside, water got into the sauce, breads. I lost everything that day”. Again came the frustration. “I cried a lot, but I didn’t give up, because I knew that one day it would work.”.

The result of perseverance and faith

There were plenty of reasons to give up. But Elisabete didn’t stop. And her confidence brought results. One Sunday, between 5pm and 8pm, she sold 140 snacks. There was a queue. “It was the day I washed my soul. And I said: now I know I’ll make it”, she recalls, excited.

He stayed with that cart for a year, in the cold, rain, covering it with tarpaulin from time to time. Then she and her husband came up with the idea of ​​making a trailer and, as they had no way to buy it, they made it on their own, closing the sides with plywood sheets and, in the middle, they attached the cart. She stayed in this makeshift trailer for a year, and then they bought another one.

He was open from Wednesdays to Sundays at the Calçadão. There were days when there was no movement, in others, they sold one and the other, but there were also good days. During the Potato Party, there was a stand inside and the trailer was outside, also serving people – the children helped.

The twist of fate

Miro helped transport the trailer from Padre Eterno Baixo to the Boardwalk. He got sick, got cancer and died four years ago. As she had no way to transport it, Elisabete had to stop. But the dream followed.

His daughter Tais Miro, 44, and son-in-law Eloir Francisco Jardini, 39, [que inclusive se conheceram no trailer Elisabete numa virada de ano] they decided to continue and took over at the end of 2018. Before, she worked as a caregiver but, due to problems with her arms, she was unable to continue; she used the severance pay to buy her mother’s business. He worked in garbage collection. Together, they joined forces and didn’t let Elisabete’s dream end.

They have already started with innovations, mainly with tele delivery – which was a success.

Tais and Eloior continue the dream built by Elisabete (Créd. Cleiton Zimer)

Change needed

But the space was small. Tais remembers to this day that he sometimes cried because he had no way to move inside the trailer. Demand increased and they couldn’t keep up. Due to space, hiring someone would be unfeasible.

Bought another, bigger one. They worked hard and the peak was during the pandemic. With establishments closed due to health restrictions, they continued with tele delivery, which had a resounding increase. “Following all protocols”, remembers Eloir.


In 2021 came a challenge. They were forced to leave the Boardwalk where Elisabete started and built her story. It was not the end, but a new beginning.

They took the trailer and went to the Amizade neighborhood, next to Beno Closs street. As if by blessing, there the increase was even greater. It didn’t take long and they had to make a decision – they needed a bigger structure.

Thus, in December of last year, they realized a great dream, not only of Tais and Eloir, but also of Elisabete: to open a snack bar. They rented a large establishment in the Amizade neighborhood, close to the Square. “ANDit was our dream. It was already my mother’s dream. She knew what she was doing wasn’t going to stay with her. We know that, starting in a trailer, if the person perseveres, he will arrive at a restaurant, a snack bar, or more”, says Tais.

And the result of this struggle for many years, with quality snacks being served, came through the community’s own recognition. Even leaving the central part, and after the main street, the movement continued intense, with the demand increasing.


Such accounts that, when opening the establishment, they did not have the resources to buy everything; to this day they are paying. They relied on something that money can’t buy: credit. “It’s suffered. But if you have a dream, a goal, you can’t look at difficulties, otherwise you stop and don’t continue. You need to see where you want to go, then difficulties come and go over them, because you want to get there. And have faith in God”.

Remember that many called them crazy for wanting to start a snack shop in the middle of the pandemic. Eloir says that, even, part of the things they bought for the venture were from people who, during the pandemic, ended up breaking. “There are people who only trust their own arm, but that is not enough. God has something for each of us”, completes Tais.

Today they continue to work with snacks, but also making lunches. Tais says that, since they left the central part, many customers still look for them when they arrive at the Boardwalk, especially tourists who used to stop and buy something. “They ask nearby and come over here”.

Elizabeth, today, rests. She lives on the beach and feels that she has achieved her purpose. “I won at what I always wanted. My daughter is continuing what I suffered so much, and I’m sure it will never be forgotten. My wish is for this to be a legacy for my family, which the grandchildren will take over later. It was a sacrifice, suffering, but today I praise Gods,” she said, excited.

The enterprise, Dogão Lanches, has already received two official recognitions: in the snacks and service quality category. Contacts can be made by calling 051 99307-8366.

First prize received (Créd. Cleiton Zimer)

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