Lust for Power brings together today and the year 88.

Lust for Power brings together today and the year 88.
Lust for Power brings together today and the year 88.
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There is no doubt that October 31 will be a pivotal day, as all bets seem to be on the expected change through the upcoming presidential elections, which collide with the current proposals to confront the stage, and range from managing the presidential vacancy through the formation of a government corresponding to the caretaker government, or withdrawing the assignment. From the designated President Najib Mikati, or the occurrence of demonstrations in the street and calls by the “Free Patriotic Movement” for the President of the Republic to remain in the Republican Palace, all of which threaten to slip the internal arena into a constitutional struggle over the powers of the President and the caretaker government.

Speaking about the similarities between the scene of October 31, 1988, and the scene expected on October 31 of this year, former MP Antoine Zahra noted that the reality has changed, and there is no room for any scenario similar to the scenario of forming a transitional government. But he confirmed to Lebanon Debate that the only similarity between today and the year 88 is the lust for power, but with the change of circumstances and means, meaning that the lust for power still exists, but all circumstances have changed and it will not be possible in any way, to repeat the scene of the 88 In the year 22.

Former MP Zahra considered that all the proposals about forming a transitional government are just “fools” in the absence of any political and legal situation that would allow this, noting that all these propositions circulating, which lack reality and violate the constitution, aim to achieve gains in the formation process. The government, perhaps approaching the presidential elections, “before the ax in the head fell.”

However, he added, stressing that the only positive aspect in the current scene is that there is no enthusiastic political group except its owners, and no group is ready to take risks and cover and support these propositions, especially Hezbollah.

Zahra revealed that “Hezbollah” is now pressing to form a new government, in order to avoid reaching a “headache” if the constitutional deadline for electing the president expires, and a new government is not formed. He stressed that there is still hope for the birth of the government, but “we have to wait for some time.”

As for what is being talked about about street movements taking place on the night of October 31, Zahra explained that it is a “stupid joke” and an intimidating scenario to lure political offers, bearing in mind that the results of the parliamentary elections clearly show the decline in the popularity of the “Free Patriotic Movement,” especially since “people want To live and no longer have any gold after giving it to Aoun at the age of 88.”

Zahra added that President Michel Aoun confirms that he will not violate the constitution by staying for one minute in Baabda Palace, but after the last statement about “the sons of the haram who spread news about the President of the Republic,” and the positions of Representative Gebran Bassil opposing him, the Covenant team may have a problem. .

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