The submarine left the port of Tripoli .. and question marks!

The submarine left the port of Tripoli .. and question marks!
The submarine left the port of Tripoli .. and question marks!

Mayez Obeid wrote in “Nidaa Al-Watan”:

The submarine left the port of Tripoli and was not able to achieve the basic goals that it was said to have come for, such as recovering the bodies and the sunken boat, in addition to photographing the boat in a way that shows the way that led to its sinking and thus resolves a lot of controversy on the subject.

The submarine left the port of Tripoli, leaving behind many question marks, to turn itself into a substance for confrontation, and contributed to inflaming the feelings of the people after four months of a disaster. They imagined that they might forget some of its difficulties. The consequences of the submarine’s arrival and its work for days, and then its ambiguous departure from Lebanon, interacted widely in Tripoli, which brought the issue of the death boat back to ground zero, and the discussion returned again about the real reasons that led this boat to sink.

Following the submarine’s departure, the follow-up committee for the issue of exhuming the bodies of the death boat held a press conference at the Tripoli Bar Association. The conference is via Facebook Live. In the conference, the speaker’s lawyer pointed out that “the boat was sunk by a person or entity, and there was no fault in it, and the judiciary must determine who is responsible. There is a big difference between what was announced by the captain of the submarine and what was made by Colonel Haitham Dannawi (Commander of the Navy in the Lebanese Army) regarding the boat being broken and shocked, and that there were those who smuggled the submarine and that there is a responsibility and the judiciary must determine those responsible and hold them responsible. But the union reconsidered its statement and considered that the army was from the beginning on the side of the people, but the recent results of the submarine’s work were not up to the hopes.” Deputy Major General Ashraf Rifi said in a statement about the submarine’s work: “The mission has been accomplished in its first part, where the location of the boat has been determined. As for the rescue of the boat that has sunk deep into the seabed, it needs more capable equipment than what we have provided. We demand the state and its agencies to complete the task, as it was supposed to have started with it in the first place and from the first moment of the disaster. To the families of the martyrs, I say: “We live with your pain and we will remain by your side until this mission is completed and the truth becomes clear, with regret and apology because what we wanted was only partially achieved, due to the weakness of our capabilities.”

Lawyer Mohamed Sablouh, the agent on behalf of the victims of the boat, considered that “there are big question marks in the course of the submarine’s work in the first place.

How can she leave Lebanon without completing her tasks stipulated in the contract, and we learned that she left for Miami without delivering her report and without listening to the submarine commander before his travels, as we had asked the competent authorities.”

Sablouh believes that Rifi really wanted to help the people and for the submarine to reach the goals for which it had come. He was recently told by the submarine team that it needed greater techniques to complete the work… I think that Rifi did what he had to do, but he did not expect this result.”

Sablouh regrets that the submarine will turn into an additional tragedy for the people, and reveals that for the next stage, “I submitted special procedures to the United Nations and demanded pressure on the Lebanese government to present a transparent investigation. The boat case, and I will sue every official in Europe.”

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