The Internet evaporates “like magic”… and the prices are “fire”

The Internet evaporates “like magic”… and the prices are “fire”
The Internet evaporates “like magic”… and the prices are “fire”

Johnny Sands wrote in “The Call of the Homeland”:

Welcome to the “Republic of Internet Thieves”, companies stealing citizens with billions, “gigabytes” evaporating to make profits from the citizen’s pocket, and the most service that the Internet subscribes to.

“Is it possible that a week ago, 5 gigabytes were flown?” “What is the matter with the Internet?” “What is the 4G transfer to us?” “Does the 4G stop you?” These are some of the comments of people who complain about the evaporation of 4G and costing them a lot of money every month.

Upside down, the plan to develop communications networks is proceeding, the price has increased exponentially, and the service has deteriorated exponentially, so welcome to the Republic of Internet theft and an “exposed world”.

Who among the citizens does not complain about losing internet packages at an imaginary speed, which exceeded the speed of lightning, as the internet these days evaporates “like magic” and its prices vary from one store to another, and the rope is on the tractor. Prices are open to rise as long as the price of an exchange platform is not fixed.

Welcome to the cave of Ali Baba’s communications, where the Internet is expensive and does not last. The Ministry raised the tariff to improve the quality of service, but unfortunately the Internet service turned for the worse, and “flying” quickly.

Najwan used to subscribe to the 20 GB service, and it lasted with her throughout the month, surprisingly enough, according to her, that the 20 GB was now enough for only 10 days, and more than that, Najwan began to adopt the rationing system in the service, because, according to her, “they are stealing us and we are happy,” and she adds “My monthly bill now exceeds 900,000 pounds for internet only, at a time when it was previously not more than 70,000 pounds, which means that my salary is now not enough for internet.”

“Exposed world” citizens are subjected to robbery, everyone complains about the poor service, “as if the internet is working for itself, and it is flying too.” Fadi comments, confused about whether to stop the internet service or keep it, as he needs the internet at work, he works in the field of online marketing and since the tariff was raised And the Internet in his phone only lasts 11 days to serve the 20 GB, he finally decided to reduce the package to 5 GB to save his bill, and its cost today is 250 thousand pounds, and it varies from one store to another. For example, the 20 GB is sold in many stores for 450 thousand pounds, while the Ministry of Communications set its price At $13, this high cost of subscribing to the 4G service is starting to break people’s back, even their “virtual greed” has become very expensive in Lebanon, and rationing is a fait accompli.

Youssef gave up a lot of his virtual participation and legalized communication with his comrades and restricted his consumption of the Internet only to limited things. He stopped attending videos and appearing live, and he used to do both before because “we can no longer afford Internet bills beyond imagination.” He adds, “Internet thieves make fantastic profits from people, The least citizen has to pay only 600,000 pounds per month for the internet, if we do not add the monthly subscription to it, which means that we have reached the stage of internet rationing and the service is bad.”

It is not surprising that the Internet has evaporated as the money of depositors in banks has evaporated, and it is also not surprising that Lebanon has turned into the most expensive Internet tariff in the world. To claim their salaries according to the exchange platform. Dr. Muhammad does not hesitate to say that “legalizing people theft has become the only applicable law in Lebanon, because it legitimizes theft of the poor by law, and perhaps stealing 4G from citizens’ phones is a good example.” And more, he says, “Billions of dollars are earned by the two companies every month from a citizen who seeks to secure job opportunities via the Internet, and he turns prey. Unfortunately, the internet bills exceeded people’s ability. In all countries of the world, the internet is open and cheap, except in Lebanon, the worst service and the most expensive bill.”

As if the citizen was written to pay the tax of the wrong state policies that brought him to hell, and the bad service and the theft of the 4G came to confirm that we are in Ali Baba’s cave, where there are those who made profits beyond imagination and there are those who are exposed to theft, and all the rights are on the transmission networks, what a wonder!!

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