Ehab Nafie’s birthday today.. Magda convinced him to act after their marriage

Ehab Nafie’s birthday today.. Magda convinced him to act after their marriage
Ehab Nafie’s birthday today.. Magda convinced him to act after their marriage

Today, Thursday, September 1, is the birthday of the late artist Ihab Nafeh, who was born on this Thursday in 1953 in the Mosky district of Cairo and studied in its schools and then joined the Military College and graduated in 1955, then was appointed as a fighter pilot and he loved his job very much and felt proud. And being proud of her, as he worked as a private pilot for the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, he had a prominent role in the Egyptian intelligence.

Ehab Nafeh met the artist Magda at a party held by the Russian embassy, ​​and a long dialogue took place between them in politics and culture. At the end of the ceremony, he delivered Magda to her home, and from here the passion of love arose between her, and Magda told him that she was divorced and her heart was still closed, and he convinced her that he had the key, and indeed he succeeded In making her fall in love with him, he married her in 1963.

He presented only a few films that did not exceed 20, most notably 5 films he collected with his wife Magda, and the beginning was in 1963 with the movie “The Naked Truth” directed by Atef Salem, “Migration to the Messenger” in 1964 directed by Ibrahim Emara, “Who Loved” in 1966 Directed by Magda, “The Last Kiss” in 1967, directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar, “Al Nadah” in 1975, directed by Hussein Kamal.

Among the films in which Ehab Nafea participated, away from Magda, “For Men Only” directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar, “The Nun” directed by Hassan Al-Imam, “Something in My Life” directed by Henry Barakat, “On My Way is a Man” directed by Sayed Tantawy, “The Women’s Gang” directed by Farouk Ajrama, “The Love That Was” directed by Ali Badrakhan, and his artistic career ended in 1993 with the movie “Five Star Thieves”, and he was cut off from art until his departure on December 30, 2006.

Ehab Nafeh has been married more than 10 times, as his daughter Ghada Nafeh said in an interview with her on the program “The Women Don’t Know They Lie.” They are the artist Magda, and after his separation from her, he married 8 times, including an Australian woman, whom he met in Beirut, and had two children with her, Zakaria and Jawhara, and he lived in Australia, a period during which he participated in film works.

Then he married a Gulf journalist, then an American woman of German origin whom he met in Greece, then a Jordanian woman, and one of his most famous marriages is his marriage to Valtrude Peyton, the widow of the intelligence man Rifaat Al-Jammal, known as Raafat Al-Hagan, and he separated from her after 7 years of their marriage. .

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