Killing war without blood

Killing war without blood
Killing war without blood

It is not accurate to say that the man who disappeared ended the Soviet Union. He overturned the world and changed its maps, from Poland to Mongolia, and restored to the republics their freedoms and independence. The Berlin Wall separated the brothers and the family, opened the doors of dialogue and closed the gates of Siberia, and erased from memory Stalin, Beria, and the dullness of Brezhnev.

Strange destinies history. The guy who’s gone, half Russian, half Ukrainian. And the two halves are now at war, over every inch of Russia and every lull of Ukraine. The man who was absent was a man of peace and settlement and was keen on the other’s rights, dignity and humanity.

The man who was absent said that the Cold War was ruin for all, a trivial struggle of the past, victory, the happiness of peoples, the safety of nations, and the progress of mankind. And announced his withdrawal from it. And let the Americans win it, so what did they win? A pinch of sand and a fist of the wind.

We still remember how the last Soviet appeared in 1985. A young and elegant man in a blue suit, with his beautiful wife Raisa, who had nothing of the country dresses in her, and the wives of Khrushchev, Gromyko and Andropov. Raisa shook hands with Nancy Reagan, and she was more eloquent and more learned. Farewell to the sad official photos coming out of Moscow. A couple met at university, not at party camps and brainwashing encounters.

Misha Gorbachev arrived at the Kremlin at the historic moment, and crossed the bridge into the era with all his heart. All of the above has become a thing of the past. And the past lost the battle of renewal. Everything around him rusted, and he did not realize that the taste of life had changed.

The West, as usual, was impolite in receiving the gigantic political steps taken by the giant of the Russian peace. And George Bush Sr. acted on him arrogantly and arrogantly.

The historical man did not stop his march, although he indicated his disappointment with the empty manifestations of pride. It would have been better for the West to rejoice in this huge change, which took place in the whole world without a drop of blood falling, but George Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker saw the defeat as an occasion to speak in a peacock language that expresses a severe weakness in not realizing the extent of the change that the world is going through.

Gorbachev retreated from politics, especially after Raisa’s death. He was succeeded in the Kremlin by Boris Yeltsin, barrels of vodka, and the dangers of further disintegration in the Russian Federation. Until Vladimir Putin restored the state. There is still a dispute over the evaluation of the stage of Mikhail, or “Misha,” as Gibran Khalil Gibran used to refer to, Mikhail Naima. Congratulations to those who made their decision from the first moment.

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