What is a psychopathic personality? women and health

What is a psychopathic personality? women and health
What is a psychopathic personality? women and health

What is the psychopathy personality is a question that we will answer today, because many of us may hear about the psychopathy personality, but he does not know the most important qualities and characteristics that characterize the owner of this personality and how to deal with him and the reasons that made the person characterized by these qualities and this is what we will address in detail.

What is a psychopath?

To answer what is a psychopathic personality:

A psychopath is a person who has a mental illness and is abnormal in his behavior and actions.

An anti-social person who performs a set of behaviors that violate the rights of others.

The behavior of this person is inconsistent with society.

The owner of this character is mentally ill.

Causes of psychopathy

Among the main reasons why a person is psychopathic are:

Gender, as males are more likely to suffer from this problem than females.

Genetics, as the infection of a family member with this disease makes it easy to spread through genetics.

Antisocial behavior disorders often appear after the age of 18.

Exposure to trauma in society or poor upbringing and the influence of upbringing factors, all of which lead to psychopathy.

Growing up in a broken family or being beaten and violent as a child makes a person psychopathic.

Psychopathic personality analysis

A psychopath has many characteristics, including:

He has a great deal of intelligence, but he uses his intelligence to do evil.

Preferably in education and in public life in general.

He does not have the ability to engage in a love relationship.

Excessively impulsive in his actions.

Ignores the rights of others and violates their rights.

He cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

He does not feel remorse or sympathy for the wrong things he does.

Tends to lie and cheat on others.

· Ignores responsibility and safety.

Psychopathic character in love

A psychopath has some different traits in love which are:

He enters into a quick love relationship and shows exaggerated interest and communication with the other partner.

Then he exploits the emotions of the other partner to elicit sympathy.

He talks with the beloved about the drama he went through in his life in order to win his pity.

This person also enters into many multiple relationships in order to feel that he is a loved person.

Often can manipulate the feelings of the other partner easily.

Can convince the other party that he is the one who is wrong.

It also drives his partner to jealousy, and deliberately ignores the other partner for several days in order to feel sympathy and anxiety from the other party.

Often lies, makes excuses, and blames others.

Gets bored quickly with the other partner and behaves indifferently with the other party.

A person is selfish in his feelings and always drains the energy of the other party.

Psychopathic personality types

German psychiatrist and philosopher Kurt Schneider classified psychopathy into types:

Depressed people.

Hyperactivity in impulsiveness and exaggerated sense of joy.

Those who lack confidence in themselves.


Psychologically unstable personality.

People who need more appreciation and attention.

· Susceptible.

Lack of empathy or emotion with others.

Asthenia and physical weakness.

Psychopathic weaknesses

Among the most prominent weaknesses of a psychopath are the following:

This person cannot form successful social relationships with others.

He has a social need that makes him feel the desire to get attention.

It is difficult for him to deal with his past and learn from his mistakes and repeat the same mistakes.

This person does not grow up in a normal environment, and is often a drug addict or a criminal.

He tries to hide his true personality as much as possible, but he cannot comply and show a good side of his personality for an extended period of time.

It is not easy for him to fall in love and he cannot establish a romantic relationship.

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