Emirates News Agency – Issue 584 of Al-Jundi magazine is out

ABU DHABI, September 1st / WAM / The magazine “Al Soldier” of the Ministry of Defense has issued its issue No. 584 for the month of September 2022.

In its new issue in Arabic and English, the magazine dealt with research and analysis on a number of vital issues and topics, as well as the most important events and news related to the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.

In her speech under the title “Emirati Women’s Day”, Al-Jundi magazine said that the United Arab Emirates is a pioneer in the appreciation of women, since the establishment of the Union, and women have achieved successive gains thanks to the support of the wise leadership that spared no effort in serving the Emirati human being in general and women in particular. Women in the UAE have made amazing progress in all fields.

She added that Emirati women have become a vital, active and essential partner in the comprehensive sustainable development process that the country is witnessing, armed with science and knowledge, a solid will and determination to achieve.

The new issue of the magazine monitors the most prominent political, military and security events, news of new weapons and scientific and technological developments reached by modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the military field.

The magazine devoted its main file to the September 2022 issue to talk about “the chances of reviving the Warsaw Pact by Russia.”

In the section “Studies and Analyzes”, the “Soldier” magazine prepared a study entitled: “The Strong Small Army… Between Theory and Practice”, and another study entitled: “The Knowledge War” and the French Ministry of Defense’s Red Team.

In its new issue, Al-Jundi magazine presents an interview with Abri De Plessis, CEO of the Emirati “Nimr” company, when he spoke to the magazine about the company’s fields of work, products, investments and latest projects in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf countries in general, and the UAE in particular.

The magazine dedicates areas of its pages to review the opinions and analyzes of elite Emirati and Arab writers to talk about various issues and matters of interest to readers.

It should be noted that “Al-Jundi” magazine was established in 1973, and the first issue of it was published in October of the same year, with the aim of covering the news and activities of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the country.

Since its establishment, the magazine has been working through a selection of the most prominent writers and specialists in the defense and security field from around the world, to publish studies, research, reports and specialized military files, dealing with research and analysis on a number of vital issues and topics of interest to the observer in the country, the Arab region and the world.

In order to achieve the goals and meet the desires of readers and followers, “Al-Jundi” dedicates important areas of its pages to publish investigations and press interviews with high-ranking military and civilian figures who are well known all over the world.

To enrich the cultural and scientific scene, the magazine publishes through its various sections reports and cultural, economic, medical and sports topics, and annually issues multiple supplements that keep pace with the most important events in the country.

The magazine, with its print version, its website /Aljundi.ae/ and its digital platforms /[email protected]/, is keen to monitor and keep abreast of everything new in the world of military media.

Since its establishment, Al-Jundi magazine has built strong relationships and strategic cooperation partnerships with a large number of manufacturers and producers of the military sector locally, regionally and globally, through its permanent annual participation in the most important military exhibitions and local, Arab and international conferences, where it provides comprehensive media coverage that keeps pace with events and meets the needs of Readers and followers in modern styles and designs through the paper magazine, daily bulletins, website, social media platforms and multimedia.

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