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A few hours separate Al-Ahly club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, from announcing the name of the new coach of the Red Castle, in order to lead the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, to succeed the Portuguese Ricardo Soares, who left the red team training, this evening, Wednesday, and after the end of the current season.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib continues his meeting with the Planning Committee to study the CVs nominated to train Al-Ahly Club during the coming period, especially since Al-Khatib decided to overthrow Swarish, after the anger of the red fans, and his failure to obtain the title, in addition to the loss of the Egyptian Cup title against , as Fans attacked the management over the decision to appoint Suarez, who does not have a strong resume to lead the island fortress.

And there were news during the past few hours, that there were a number of strong coaches in order to take over the technical leadership of the red team, as many names were nominated, led by the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, the former coach of the national team, and Waheed Khaliluzrich, the former coach of the Moroccan team.

Informed sources inside the Al-Ahly club revealed the scenes of contracting with the new coach to lead the red team during the coming period, especially as the red team is on the verge of an important period and championships.

Informed sources inside the Al-Ahly club confirmed in exclusive statements to “Al-Ahly News” that the Portuguese Queiroz refused to train Al-Ahly club, due to the pressures of the Red Castle fans, especially since that period is not divisible by two, as the fans are waiting to win championships and return again to the podiums.

He continued, “Wahid Khaliluzrich was initially dismissed, as he has a very strong personality, and creates crises within the team because of his love for some of the players and his dislike for the latter two, noting that the administration was afraid to enter into shocks with him later.”

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