Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater receives guests from 46 countries today

Today, Thursday, the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater will receive theater stars from 46 Arab and foreign countries during its opening ceremony. Wafik, presenter Jasmine Taha Zaki, and the ceremony directed by Shadi Sorour.

Among the stars, guests of honor who were invited to attend from the Egyptian artists: Samiha Ayoub, Simon, Elham Shaheen, Ahmed Shaker Abdel Latif, Enas Makki, Ehab Fahmy, Sabri Fawaz, Hamza Al-Eli, Mido Adel, Nelly, Samira Abdel Aziz, Safaa Jalal, And other stars from Egypt.

As for the stars of Arab and international theater, they include: Jordanian artist Amal Al-Dabbas, artist Ghannam Ghannam, Iraqi artist Awatef Naim, Kuwaiti artist Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Tunisian artist Nassaf bin Hafsia, head of the Carthage Theater Days Festival, and from the Emirates the playwright Ismail Abdullah and artists Saeed Salem, and Abdullah Al-Shehhi, writer and director Fahd Rada Al-Harthy from Saudi Arabia, artist Ibrahim Asiri, playwright Sami Jamaan, great artist Ali Mahdi from Sudan, artist Marwa Al-Atrash from Syria, artist Tamer Al-Arbeed and Adnan Salloum, and the festival is hosted by Lebanon Hashem Zain Al-Din.

Among the festival stars honored during the opening ceremony are the name of the late Dr. Kamal Eid, director Intisar Abdel Fattah, Saudi writer Fahd Rada Al Harthy, Anwar Al Shaafi from Tunisia, and Dominic Champagne from Canada.

Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater


In addition to the stars of the jury, the great director Jalal as the head of the committee, and in its membership are the Italian Daniel Cremonti, the Jordanian artist Ali Alyan, the Kuwaiti writer Nermin Al-Houti, the Swedish artist Karl Birger Leonardo, the Italian director Danil Cremoonte, the Polish artist Dawid Tomas Zkozlowski, the English artist Richard Talbot, and the stars of the jury The competition for short performances is the artist Mohsen Mansour as president, and the membership of: Asma Yehia, and the decorator, Hazem Shebl.


The 29th Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater bears the name of the international playwright Peter Brook, and will be held from 1 to 8 September, headed by Dr. Gamal Yaqout, and under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al Kilani.

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