Indian artist: “My nephew threatened to kill me and took over the apartments completely

Indian artist: “My nephew threatened to kill me and took over the apartments completely
Indian artist: “My nephew threatened to kill me and took over the apartments completely

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An Indian actress confirmed that she was threatened with death by her brother’s son, who took over her apartment, which she bought years ago.

An Indian woman said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “I was returning from Umrah with my brother Baspor, and with his son’s card. My predecessor is 50 thousand, I want to pay it in advance of an apartment for my son to get married in, so I told him I do not have cash at the moment, because I am not yet a buyer of two apartments, and my circumstances do not allow me to cash.”

And she continued, “He didn’t know that there were apartments in his name and his son, and I paid all their needs and installments, after two years, I met him. He says, ‘Is it possible, with your permission, to owe me an apartment in which my son will sit, and the first thing I get out is a pension, I will divide it among the two children, and I will pay them in advances, and we will give you the apartment, I told him I want to pay them and live. From their rent, but I also told him he is present, and I don’t want any money, there is no problem, the boy sat in the apartment and got married and left too.”

And she continued: “Two years later, the second boy said to me, Jeran and I want to take the second apartment, I told him I rented it and Aisha from the rent money, and I told him, after two months, the tenant goes out and takes it. The important thing is that they offer gas, water and electricity. And the card is owned by your son Amr with me, and I took an apartment in his name, so he said OK, and I am on my promise as I am, and all this pleases no one pays a pound.”

And she added: “My brother died 7 years later, I was happy to pay the quarterly installment for the device, and I discovered that they did not pay the monthly installment, and the apartments would be withdrawn. The important thing is that I sold the gold and paid the arrears of 57 thousand pounds. Before my brother died, I was busy in his treatment and in the presence of hospitals and God passed away.” Amr, my nephew, told me that he would rent the apartment, so I told him, “Do you not rent it for me?” He said, “Is it what happened?” I was shocked and silent, so I said to the second one, “What are you, Atef Nawi, doing?” He replied, “No, aunt, I’m the one who will enter the apartment, break his neck before his leg, this is my father.” He died in the apartment, the word hurt me and I fell.”

An Indian woman continued her speech: “I told their sisters, I want the apartments, and you know that they are conscious, and I told them to take your time until they find apartments and send me the keys. After what he said, “Perfect” and lost the cases, because the apartments are in their name, and my grocers were silent for 4 and 5 years, and Shaila covered my heart.

Regarding the escalation of the crisis and its threat, she said: “By chance, I told the story in a video. I met him yesterday, banging on the window. Look at you, and you girl like this, and he held a knife in his hand, and I did not understand what he was saying? You are looking to expose us on the social media. This is me working in the North Court of Horiki, and I will work and do worse. I went out at 3 o’clock at night, and I went to the Shubra section, and my company was with me, and I made the report and they answered it in the report today, and he was walking to say that I still saw something?, I mean, is it done? A report, and he says you still saw something?, the boy is not normal, and of course he brought a mediator, and the poor people worked in it, and he left the prosecution brigades, and I was the one who employed him in the first place. I entered the sheriff at night, and they still did not answer him, I told him, it is forbidden for you, the boy says he will kill me, you will wait for me when I bring you to death, O group, it is forbidden for you to take a position, and the next step the lawyer says, the record will be kept, and they sign it not to be exposed.”

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