Officially.. the payment of the developed social security begins today, Thursday

The developed social security program topped Google search engines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, Thursday, as it looms on the horizon about the payment of advanced social security salaries and benefits, as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development provides financial services through monthly salaries for citizens who do not have a fixed income or support and for citizens with special circumstances. It provides financial assistance to people with low incomes and citizens for economic assistance and families with low incomes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet the basic necessities of life and provide a decent life for their families.

Developed Social Security disbursement date

The Human Resources and Social Development Department has set one date for the payment of wages and benefits under the developed social security, and this must be the first day of every month in the Gregorian calendar, and the program management confirmed that the pensions have been sent down to all beneficiaries’ accounts in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they can Exchange now.

Social Security Program

However, if the nationality criteria exclude “non-Saudi women married to Saudi nationals, widows of non-Saudis, and divorced women with Saudi children,” the applicant must be Saudi, and there must be no children of widows and children. Divorced women from their non-Saudi husbands, people with disabilities, orphans and widows with orphans with transportation cards.

  • Individual or family beneficiaries receive less than the minimum pension, 1100 riyals for the breadwinner and 550 riyals for each family member.
  • Commitment to training and employment programs for talented families.
  • Do not live in government-sponsored housing or apartment complexes, or own expensive real estate.
Officially.. the payment of the developed social security begins today, Thursday

Develop how to register for Social Security

You can easily subscribe to our developed community support platform and follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • After logging in directly from the developer social security registration page.
  • Enter the necessary information for “ID, mobile phone number, date of birth, password”.
  • Enter your verification code to authenticate and activate your phone on your account.

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