The return of communications and the Internet to the south… Karma Ain Al-Sadr Festival in Tire

The return of communications and the Internet to the south… Karma Ain Al-Sadr Festival in Tire
The return of communications and the Internet to the south… Karma Ain Al-Sadr Festival in Tire

The strike carried out by the Ogero workers and employees union led to the suspension of work in a number of Beirut and the south exchanges, but after the southern region was completely out of service due to the suspension of Sidon Central, the political and security forces moved to pressure Ogero employees in order to address the problem, especially since it will be held A festival in the city of Tyre on the occasion of the commemoration of the anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadr and his two companions.

Sources in Sidon Central confirmed to An-Nahar that the generator in Sidon Central had a malfunction at night, so it remained working on the batteries that ran out at 7 am, which led to the suspension of communications and internet service, and consequently the southern region was isolated from Beirut.

The same sources confirmed that several calls were received by those concerned in the central from political and security references in order to address the problem before the start of the festival in Tyre, but the employees refused to repair the generator, so the solution was to secure the electric current from the Electricity Corporation of Sidon Central, so the service returned to normal. The sources said: “So far, the power is still secured to the central, but when the power is cut off, the problem will return, especially since the generator is still out of order.”

The sources indicated that the office of the Minister of Communications, Johnny Al-Qarm, scheduled a meeting for the Ogero employees’ union at 4:30 this afternoon to meet the minister and discuss the union’s demands.

Ogero users are calling for their salaries to be improved so that they are calculated on the exchange rate to match the high revenues of the telecommunications sector, especially after the telephone bill increased, while their salaries remained unchanged amid a significant increase in hospital and medical costs.

in context, The Minister of Communications, Johnny Corm, confirmed to Al-Nahar that “Ogero employees went on strike without adopting the escalation path by presenting their demands, and they did not meet with me.”

For a long time, Ogero workers and users demanded their salaries at the price of 8000 pounds, and they raised the ceiling of their demands in their latest statement, where they demanded to receive their salaries at the rate of “exchange”, and “they are aware that the Ministry of Communications is not the one who decides on any price.” They must receive their salaries, as this matter is directly related to the budget, and they know that the Minister of Communications does not have the power to put any increase or decrease in their salaries.”

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