The conclusion of the activities of the Salah El-Din Citadel International Festival of Music and Singing

The conclusion of the activities of the Salah El-Din Citadel International Festival of Music and Singing
The conclusion of the activities of the Salah El-Din Citadel International Festival of Music and Singing

Posted on: Thursday, September 1, 2022 – 9:09 AM | Last update: Thursday, September 1, 2022 – 9:09 am

The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, concluded the artistic epic that it organized over 15 consecutive days, and starring more than 100,000 spectators, as the activities of the 30th session of the Salah El-Din Castle International Festival of Music and Sing ended with a legendary evening bearing the signature of the great musician Omar Khairat.

In the last hours of August, the sound of the piano reverberated throughout the ancient fortress to captivate ears and hearts, and among more than 15,000 serious art lovers, accompanied by the Cairo Opera Orchestra led by Maestro Nair Nagy, the magician Omar Khairat made an emotional connection with the guests that included a group of genius tunes. Which is one of the prominent signs in Egyptian music, including an Egyptian opening, keep your mind out of your mind, in the dark of the night, the issue of the principle 2, the theme of love, the costume of passion, the preacher (Solo violin), the neighbors of our God, love and violence, dead execution, Al-Khawaja Abdul Qader The night of the arrest of Fatima, a mafia, Arif, a miser and me, 100 years old, cinema, Ahmed’s uncle, and there is a sweet need.

Before that, the cello group presented a state of harmony with a variety of musical colors in addition to a number of Arabic melodies with which the audience interacted, including The Storm, The Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean, a panorama of Umm Kulthum’s works, the Pink Panther, a panorama of soundtracks for Arab films and others.

It is noteworthy that the 30th session of the Salah El-Din Citadel International Festival of Music and Singing was attended by 100,000 spectators and was held over 15 consecutive nights and included 36 concerts with the participation of 22 artists: Hisham Abbas, Ali El-Haggar, Medhat Saleh, Marwa Nagy, Nesma Abdel Aziz, Mustafa Hajjaj, Ahmed Gamal May Kamal, Yassin Al-Tohamy, Tania Kassis, Dina Al-Wadidi, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Hani Shaker, Nadia Mustafa, Nesma Mahjoub, Hanan Madi, Lina Shamamian, Medhat Mamdouh, Tania Saleh, Mohamed Mohsen, Nouran Abu Talib, Omar Khairat and 15 bands are the orchestra. Small Fingers led by Maestro Raji Al-Mokadam, Amman Castle Ensemble Jordan, Luna Budar Kathak Dance Ensemble (India), stars of Cairo Opera Ensemble, Al-Hadra Sufi Ensemble, Downtown Group, Arab Music Ensemble at Opera, Oriental Percussion Ensemble at the Public Authority for Cultural Palaces, Baghdadi Beige Band, Mawael Ensemble, Children’s and Youth Choir, Talent Development Center, Al Nour and Al Amal Orchestra, Black Tema Ensemble, Opera Group for Chamber Musicians, Cello Group, state of harmony.

Also, 7 trend stars on social networking sites were Ali Al-Hajjar, Medhat Saleh, Mustafa Hajjaj, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Yassin Al-Tohamy, Hani Shaker, Omar Khairat. Small Fingers, Mawwail Band, Amman Castle Band (Jordan).

10 personalities who contributed to enriching the art scene in Egypt and the Arab world were also honored, and a number of them participated in the success of the festival and the opera activities. They are the name of the late maestro Kamal Hilal, violinist Dr. Mahmoud Othman, opera singer Mustafa Mohamed, the great lyric poet Ibrahim Abdel Fattah, maestro Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Sattar, director and designer Karima Badir, Howaida Eid, director general of the Technical Office for Music, Opera and Ballet at the Opera, Ragab Abdel Wahab, Director General of the General Administration of Reception, Information, Training Halls and Performances at the Opera, Mamdouh Mukhtar, former supervisor of the machinery department in the Technical Equipment Department, the name of the late Mahmoud El-Sherbiny, Director General The General Administration of Financial and Administrative Inspection in the Opera, who died while working and before the start of the festival.

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