Britain is required to reveal the secret of the “ISIS bride” who moved to fight in Syria – The Times

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The British newspapers, in their paper and electronic versions, discussed several topics, most notably: Britain’s role in transporting ISIS bride Shamima Begum to Syria, the energy war waged by Russia and paid for by Europe and Britain, and Trump’s tweets about intelligence information about the secret sexual life of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The beginning of the newspaper The Times and an article I published about the bride of ISIS “Shamima Begum” reveals that she was recruited from Britain and transferred to Turkey and then Syria via Turkey to join ISIS, through a Canadian spy.

Three writers participated in the article, which was titled “Britain’s Demand to Reveal the Secrets of Shamima Begum’s Transfer to Syria After Exposing an Espionage Operation,” they are Security and Crime Editor Fiona Hamilton, Investigations Editor Dominic Kennedy, and Legal Editor Jonathan Ames.

The newspaper said that Britain is accused of concealing the fact that schoolgirl Shamima Begum was smuggled to Syria.

Voices were raised in Britain for the need to conduct an independent investigation into the actions of the police and intelligence services.

The article referred to the Times’ revelation that London police knew that a people smuggler working for Canadian intelligence was responsible for helping Begum and two of her friends join ISIS in Syria in 2015.

It turned out that this smuggler was a double agent for both ISIS and Canadian intelligence.

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Shamima and her friends were smuggled from London to Turkey and Syria through a Canadian intelligence agent

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, has defended the need for intelligence services to be “flexible and creative”, but said they must adhere to strict rules.

“I know there have been questions about certain incidents or operations in the past and we will make sure they are followed up,” he said. “We will continue to ensure appropriate oversight is conducted and, when necessary, consider further steps.”

The story also came in a new book released Tuesday, “The Secret History of the Five Eyes,” by Richard Kerbag, a former security reporter for the Sunday Times. The book said that Canada recognized its role with ISIS due to fear of exposure, and then succeeded in asking Britain to cover up its role.

Shamima, 23, who is being held in a camp in Syria, claims she was smuggled to ISIS. She is currently appealing the decision to withdraw her British citizenship in 2019. She was 15 years old when she left London. While her friend Kadeira Sultana was 16 years old, she was killed in an air strike. Her third friend, Amira Abbasi, was 15 years old and is still missing.

Rabina Khan, a former counselor in the town where the girls were educated, renewed her calls for the government and council to clarify the protection and public safety failures in the case and how the girls went to Syria.

Rabena described the latest information as “totally shameful for this country and the government. There must be a public investigation into what happened. The Canadian government or the people who are hiding in this country must reveal the truth.”

According to Kerbagh’s book, a Canadian intelligence agent named Muhammad al-Rashed helped Begum and her friends travel from Britain to Turkey and then to Syria. Al-Rashed was arrested, and Canadian intelligence officials visited Britain and revealed their relationship. All sides have been silent about it ever since.

Begum told the that her “entire journey” from Turkey to Syria was orchestrated by Al-Rashed. “We were doing whatever we were asked to do,” she said.

Legal experts said the revelations could have a significant impact on Begum’s case when she returns to the Immigration Appeals Committee in November, and that the information may be in her favour.

Putin’s suicide war

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Putin is waging an economic suicide war against the West

In the Telegraph, we read an article by the writer, Alistair Heath, entitled “Putin achieved a sudden victory that may destroy the free world,” in reference to the energy war waged by the Kremlin and pushing Europe and Britain towards economic collapse and socialism.

Heath said Britain now risks falling into Vladimir Putin’s trap. His economic suicide war on the West will eventually destroy him and his cohorts, but it has begun to inflict enormous and lasting damage to the Western way of life.

He warned that Britain risks ending up in extreme poverty, civil disobedience, a new socialist government by next year, its disintegration, the trend towards nationalization and the application of pricing and income policies, punitive taxes on wealth, and ultimately a complete economic and financial collapse and resort to the rescue of the International Monetary Fund .

He noted that the situation in the European Union is worse.

The writer emphasized that his article is not a plea for peace, or a disregard for the situation after the illegal invasion of Ukraine by a brutal regime. Britain was, and still is, morally right to support Ukraine in a carefully considered way. But this is a call for an economic counterattack, directed at , the incoming prime minister, to tackle Putin’s economic and energy war head-on.

The writer argues that immediate intervention is inevitable, but must be designed to avoid accelerating Britain’s transition to demagoguery, welfare, and socialist central planning.

And he warns that a wrong response — for little done, or for choosing the wrong solutions — will only reinforce Putin’s master plan to cripple the West.

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Russia has stopped pumping gas to Europe

Household energy and vehicle fuel costs will jump from 4.5 percent of household spending in early 2021 to about 13.4 percent by April next year. Households could face a rise in energy costs of 167 billion pounds, or 7 percent of gross domestic product, making total spending 231 billion pounds, more than government spending on health, before the damage to businesses is factored in.

The only increase consumers face is more than the defense and education budgets.

This equates to a depression pattern shock. Wage increases will protect some workers at the expense of investors, but unless energy prices fall again our national standards of living will fall dramatically.

The state can borrow to cushion the blow, and reduce future consumption to support current living standards, but our impoverishment cannot be eliminated.

Macron’s sex life

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And we conclude in the Guardian newspaper, which talked about the secret documents found by the FBI at the home of former President Donald Trump, and said that he “bragged” that he had intelligence about the secret sexual life of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Writer Julian Burger, from Washington, says the report, published by Rolling Stone magazine, comes in the wake of the disclosure of court documents of classified documents and national defense documents found after the search of Trump’s home (Mar-a-Lago) on August 8, which refers to a file It bears the name “INFO R: President of France”.

It is unclear what the confidential nature of Macron’s file is or what it contains. But Rolling Stone claimed that the mention of the file caused an “irrational transatlantic reaction” between Paris and Washington.

A spokesperson for the French embassy said: “We do not comment on legal proceedings in the United States and the embassy has not requested any information from the administration regarding documents retrieved at the residence of former President Trump.”

Neither the State Department nor Trump’s office immediately responded to a request for comment.

The Rolling Stone report said that during and after his presidency, Trump claimed to some of his closest aides that he knew details of Macron’s private life, which he gleaned from “intelligence” he had seen or seen.

At first, Macron courted Trump, inviting him to the Bastille Day parade in 2017, just two months after his election, inspiring the US president to lure his generals into a parade similar to the military parade in Washington.

Relations between the two leaders quickly soured, especially after Macron failed to persuade Trump to stay in the Iran nuclear deal. Trump pulled the United States out of the nuclear deal in 2018, and it has since collapsed.

The two presidents also differed over Trump’s abrupt order to withdraw troops from northern Syria and his mistrust of NATO.

The article is in Arabic

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