Is Trump a “friend or foe” of Britain? .. What did Truss answer?

Is Trump a “friend or foe” of Britain? .. What did Truss answer?
Is Trump a “friend or foe” of Britain? .. What did Truss answer?

British Foreign Secretary Liz Trace refused to say whether former US President Donald Trump was a “friend or foe”, after raising controversy in a similar statement about French President Emmanuel Macron.
In an interview with LBC, the candidate for prime minister and Conservative Party leadership, to succeed Bory Johnson, made it clear that she considers Trump’s return to the White House if he runs for president again in 2024 “a possibility.”

In response to a question whether Trump is a “friend or foe,” she replied: “I will not comment on potential future presidential contenders. We have to work with those in the White House,” noting that “the United States is our closest ally.”

“I met both Trump when he was in office and current President . My priority is to work to advance freedom and democracy around the world and to work with our American allies against the very serious threat we face from China and Russia,” she added.

“The United States and France are freedom-loving democracies and I will work with both (Trump and Biden), regardless of the leader,” she said.

Macron had criticized Trace’s statement, in which she said she did not know whether the French president was “a friend or an enemy.” “If France and Britain cannot determine whether they are friends or enemies, then we are headed for serious problems,” Macron said.

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