Figs drop.. Prices of vegetables and fruits today, Thursday 1-9-2022

Figs drop.. Prices of vegetables and fruits today, Thursday 1-9-2022
Figs drop.. Prices of vegetables and fruits today, Thursday 1-9-2022

The prices of vegetables stabilized and fruits decreased today, Thursday 1-9-2022, and tomatoes ranged from 3 pounds to 5 pounds, figs and grapes 5 pounds to 7 pounds, turkey peppers 6.5 pounds and colored peppers 12 pounds, eggplant 4 pounds, and potatoes 10 pounds in the sectoral market.

Vegetable prices in the transit market

The merchants confirmed that the price of tomatoes in the transit market ranged between 40 and 80 pounds, hot peppers 3 pounds, lemons 5 pounds, zucchini 5 pounds, cucumbers 6 pounds, eggplants 3 pounds, and taro 3 pounds.

The merchants pointed out that the price of potatoes for the consumer is 3.5 pounds, parsley, coriander, dill or watercress ranges from 50 piasters to one pound, beans 36 pounds, colored peppers 12 pounds to 16 pounds, white, colored eggplant, bride/rumi 5 pounds, and cucumbers 12 pounds.

vegetable prices

The merchants confirmed that the price of red pepper or hot pepper is 10 pounds, cucumbers 6.5 pounds, turkey peppers 6 and a half pounds, zucchini 10 pounds, potatoes 6.5 pounds to 10 pounds, cauliflower 6 pounds, and grape leaves 24 pounds.

The merchants indicated that the price of black aubergine for the bride is 5 pounds, carrots 8 pounds, kabocha 4 pounds each, molokhia two and a half pounds for a bundle, lemons 10 pounds to 20 pounds, okra from 12 pounds to 20 pounds, and turkey eggplants 4 pounds.

Today’s vegetable and fruit prices

Traders revealed that the price of black grapes is 12 pounds, green grapes 5 pounds to 10 pounds, red grapes 10 pounds, apricots 20 pounds, municipal bananas 12 pounds, and imported bananas 15 pounds.

Traders explained that the price of imported yellow apples is 20 pounds, red apples 20 to 35 pounds, municipal apples 6.5 pounds to 15 pounds, persimmons 15 pounds, kiwis 35 pounds, avocados 25 pounds, peaches 15 pounds, and pears 12 pounds.

The merchants added that the price of green apples is 20 pounds, French apples 40 pounds, black plums 15 pounds, buttery mangoes 12 pounds, sugar mangoes 15 pounds, and Owais mangoes 25 pounds.

Fruit prices today

Traders reported that the price of Nayomi mangoes is 20 pounds, black grapes 12 pounds, cherry grapes 12 pounds, cantaloupes 5 pounds, melons 6.5 pounds, and melons from 10 pounds to 50 pounds each, depending on weight.

Traders mentioned that the price of white figs is 12 pounds, black parchment figs 5 pounds to 12 pounds, navel oranges 15 pounds, municipal oranges 15 pounds, and summer oranges 8 pounds.

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