Brega Authority inaugurates the project “Rehabilitation of the Electricity Network in Al-Shaab City” | CRATAR NET

Brega Authority inaugurates the project “Rehabilitation of the Electricity Network in Al-Shaab City” | CRATAR NET
Brega Authority inaugurates the project “Rehabilitation of the Electricity Network in Al-Shaab City” | CRATAR NET

Crater Net / Aden – Muhammad Al-Qadri

The Director-General of Al-Buraiqah Directorate in Aden Governorate, Dr. Salah Yahya Al-Shobaji, along with the Director of the General Electricity Corporation in the governorate, Salem Ahmed Al-Walidi, inaugurated today “Wednesday” a project to rehabilitate the internal electricity network in the Shuhada neighborhood in Al-Shaab city, whose cost is “99” thousand and “878”. A dollar and “10” million riyals, which was implemented by the “Global Communities” organization in partnership with the Third Electricity Zone, with funding from the US Agency for International Cooperation.

After cutting the ribbon to mark the official inauguration of the project, and in the presence of the director of the eighth security zone, Colonel Ali Saleh Al-Shuaibi, and the project manager, Engineer Nazmi Najib, Dr. Al-Shobaji and Salem Al-Walidy, from the director of the third area for electricity, Eng. Majed Al-Mansoori, listened to an explanation of the nature of the project, which included Installing new transformers and electrical cables, in addition to control panels for each transformer, as well as establishing new substations in accordance with the technical specifications approved by the Electricity Corporation, as well as replacing most of the worn-out electrical wires, noting that the Global Communities Organization provided most of the electrical materials, while the authority contributed The local district in the Buriqa district built rooms for electrical transformers and the cost of excavation work, and the Third Electricity District provided some electrical materials and the project implementation fee.

The Director General of Brega, Dr. Salah Al-Shobaji, expressed his great happiness at the completion of this service project, as it will contribute significantly to reducing the percentage of waste and stabilizing the electric current, as well as accommodating a larger number of subscribers and reducing the costs of electrical connection to them, as well as solving the problem of random connection in the neighborhood Martyrs of the People’s City.

Dr. Al-Shobaji praised the distinguished efforts made by the “Global Communities” organization, as well as the contribution of the Third Electricity Zone to the implementation of the project, praising – at the same time – the positive role of the American Agency for International Cooperation for adopting it in financing the implementation of this important service project to raise the efficiency of the electrical network and enhance its capabilities. And addressing the high electrical loads and power outages in Al-Shuhada neighborhood in Al-Shaab city.

For his part, the coordinator of “Global Communities” in Aden, Engineer Osama Abdullah Al-Qata, explained that the completion of the work in the Al-Shuhada neighborhood in Al-Shaab city comes within the project to rehabilitate the internal electricity network, which is implemented by the organization in partnership with the third electricity district in the Buriqa district, in addition to the Naji neighborhood in the Al-Bariqa district. Salah al-Din, whose work is about to be completed at a cost of “258” thousand and “190” and “20” million riyals, within the framework of the Yemeni Communities Stronger Together program, at a total project cost of “358” thousand and “68” and “30” million riyals. , expressing his heartfelt thanks and high appreciation to the leadership of the local authority in the directorate, represented by its general manager, Dr. Salah Al-Shobaji, for overcoming the difficulties and providing all the necessary facilities for the implementation of the project and its implementation.

The community motivator at Global Communities, Ahmed Al-Salami, and a number of representatives of the people of Al-Shuhada neighborhood in Al-Shaab city, who benefited from the project, participated in the inauguration of the project.

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