Qatar updates its travel and return policy for the Corona virus.. 4 September

Qatar updates its travel and return policy for the Corona virus.. 4 September
Qatar updates its travel and return policy for the Corona virus.. 4 September

Doha-Mubasher: The Qatari Ministry of Public Health will start implementing an update to the travel and return policy for (Covid-19), starting from Sunday, September 4, starting at 6:00 pm, the time of arrival in the State of Qatar..

The ministry said in a statement that these updates to the travel policy were made based on the latest indicators of the coronavirus pandemic in the State of Qatar and the world.

He pointed out that the changes aim to facilitate the process of travel and return to the State of Qatar, with full commitment to all means that would prevent and protect society from the threat of the Corona virus.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that the travel and return policy is part of the country’s strategy to combat the virus, stressing that the strict application of the policy has proven a very important role in maintaining low infection rates in the State of Qatar over the previous years..

Some of the changes that will be implemented and will enter into force as of next Sunday, September 4, include canceling the work of the current country classification lists (red list).

The changes also include canceling quarantine requirements for all travelers coming from abroad, and travelers who are confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus after their arrival in the State of Qatar must undergo sanitary isolation procedures in accordance with the procedures followed in the State of Qatar.

She indicated that the required tests will continue to be carried out (before travel or after arrival), regardless of the vaccination status. For citizens and residents, a rapid antigen test will be conducted. Within a period of (24) hours upon arrival in the State of Qatar at one of the health centers of the Primary Health Care Corporation or private medical centers approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

For visitors, the requirements include bringing a PCR test certificate (PCR) Negative result valid for 48 hours or rapid antigen test (RAT) A negative result is valid for (24) hours, from the date of the scheduled flight to the State of Qatar.

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