America .. a young man falls into a coma after being injured after 20 thousand bee stings

America .. a young man falls into a coma after being injured after 20 thousand bee stings
America .. a young man falls into a coma after being injured after 20 thousand bee stings

Starbucks is planning to rethink the way coffee is made in its stores in order to reduce the time it takes to prepare drinks, especially the iced coffee known as “Frapacino.”

The Wall Street Journal said that Starbucks, based in the United States, has allocated an experimental technology laboratory to change the concept of the coffee beverage industry.

The company’s workers inquired about the possibility of building kitchens that would bring equipment closer together, and arrange syrup pumps, milk dispensers, and ice boxes in a more efficient manner.

Natarajan Venkatakrishnan, who is in charge of the lab, is testing a new machine that could cut the time it takes to make cold coffee. He also wants Starbucks to have better mixers.

“Today at Starbucks you take this and you put the lid on it and then you put it on and you mix the ingredients and you pour it and then you have to wash it and wash the lid. It all takes time,” Venkatakrishnan said, holding up one of the blenders currently in use.

Cafes that used to average 1,200 orders per day are now trying to produce 1,500 orders.

Many of the company’s US stores are in need of overhaul, said Katie Young, senior vice president of growth and development responsible for figuring out what new coffee shops should look like.

She added that having so much demand is a privilege for Starbucks, but it is also a problem.

The Starbucks Workers Union said coffee brewers are demanding better working conditions in their store, as permitted under federal labor law.

In August, the company raised wages for exhausted employees again.

“Usually a lot of walking and bending over and after eight hours, it’s a pain,” said barista Greg Becchinsky.

For more than a year, Starbucks has also been testing how to fix processes to improve the experience for both employees and customers, so that if employees spend less time at work fetching froth and carrying ice, they might be happier working there, the executives said.

It shows that making “cold drinks is complicated. We’re going to fix that, and we’ll design new stores from scratch,” Howard Schultz, who is acting CEO, said in a recent interview.

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