A new legal battle.. prepares for revenge.. a long list of Pique’s betrayals

A new legal battle.. prepares for revenge.. a long list of Pique’s betrayals
A new legal battle.. Shakira prepares for revenge.. a long list of Pique’s betrayals

After announcing their separation and appearing with his new lover, it seems that the Colombian singer , these days, is preparing for a fight A fierce court battle exposes the betrayals of her former partner, Gerard Pique, to win custody of their two children.

Despite the multiplicity of accounts, the custody of the two children is the point of controversy, amid the absence of signs of a close agreement, According to a report published by the Spanish newspaper “TeleCinco”.

The information indicated that the two wanted an amicable agreement, but the opinions were divergent, so Shakira insisted on going. The two children were taken with her to Miami, while Pique refused the matter completely.

Shakira threatens

The newspaper’s sources added that the two sides actually met last August, and set a third meeting, The Colombian singer threatened to be the last before the start of a court battle.

She also added that Shakira knows perfectly well that Kick will not accept the transfer of children, at least this year despite Tensions from the courts and the judiciary.

While Pique’s tension comes from his belief that the mother of his children is preparing for a fierce judicial battle in which all His betrayals During the 12 years of their relationship, he tries to ascertain what evidence Shakira has against him.

sad and angry

It is noteworthy that pictures and videos were spread recently, showing Pique accepting his “new love”, Clara Shea Marty, a public relations student, who is said to have been the reason behind the two ex-lovers’ split, during Summerfest Cerdanya in Catalonia.

On the other hand, the media was buzzing with a picture of Shakira with her two sons Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old) in A garden where she looked sad.

In addition to the sadness, it was reported that Shakira was “very angry” because the father of her two sons “brought a deal”. » It was held between them to keep their new relationship secret for at least a year.

It is reported that Shakira and Pique’s 12-year relationship ended in June, and it was soon revealed The famous soccer player was secretly dating 23-year-old Clara Shea Marty, who works in his company.

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