Hackers target the Italian “Eni” and the company is assessing the consequences of the attack

Hackers target the Italian “Eni” and the company is assessing the consequences of the attack
Hackers target the Italian “Eni” and the company is assessing the consequences of the attack

Italian oil giant Eni said on Wednesday that its computer networks have been hacked and hacked in recent days and that the consequences so far appear minor.

“Eni confirms that internal security systems have detected unauthorized access to the company’s network in recent days,” a company representative said in response to a query from Bloomberg News. He added that the country’s largest energy company was working with local authorities to assess the consequences of the attack.

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People familiar with the situation said that Eni appears to have been attacked by ransomware, a type of malware that locks down computers and files only for payment. It is not clear who is responsible for the breach.

“Ransomware groups realize that to ensure continuity of services, energy companies may be willing to pay large ransoms to unlock affected systems,” Mirco Gatto, CEO of Italian cybersecurity firm Yarix, said in a phone interview.

In addition, state-sponsored hackers may have an interest in carrying out malicious attacks on the energy sector of European countries that rely particularly on gas from Russia or sources outside Europe, he said.

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Earlier this week, the Italian energy agency Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) was breached on Sunday evening and Monday morning, according to a statement. Among its other functions, GSE is one of the government agencies responsible for managing the electricity market in Italy.

A person familiar with the matter said that GSE’s systems and operations remain blocked after the attack. He added that servers were hacked, workers were unable to access emails or internal data, and some GSE energy market jobs were suspended.

There was no comment from GSE other than its original statement.

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In fact, one of the main risks of breaches by utilities and other infrastructure operators is that infiltrating their IT systems can lead to disruptions in the operating systems that provide electricity, water, and other services to end users, even if the hackers never touch such sensitive equipment.

Last year, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline shut down the largest fuel pipeline in the United States after a ransomware attack paralyzed its IT systems. (Mabanaft), she was the victim of a cyber attack that disrupted fuel delivery across Germany.

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