Castle News | The “Guarantee” approves the amendment of the law in preparation for proceeding with the procedures for its constitutional approval

Castle News | The “Guarantee” approves the amendment of the law in preparation for proceeding with the procedures for its constitutional approval
Castle News | The “Guarantee” approves the amendment of the law in preparation for proceeding with the procedures for its constitutional approval

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The Director General of the Social Security Corporation, Dr. Hazem Rahahleh, said that the goals and objectives of the proposed amendments to the Social Security Law lie in enhancing social protection and economic security for contributors, their families and retirees, as well as ensuring the financial sustainability of the insurance system, enabling it to fulfill its mission of protecting successive generations, stressing that The draft law establishes an integrated system for social protection.

This came during the proceedings of the press conference held by the Foundation yesterday at its headquarters, which was managed by the Assistant Director-General of the branches Jamal Masa’dah, to review the proposed amendments to the Social Security Law that were approved by the Board of Directors of the “Guarantee” Foundation, after which it will complete the stages of its constitutional approval.

Al-Rahahleh added that security is linked to social and economic variables, which calls for a response to making amendments that mimic these developments to maintain the social security umbrella and the institution’s financial position with the strength and stability required to perform its role and mission, stressing the importance of the amendments included in the draft law amending the Social Security Law, and their positive impact on the protection system. social in the Kingdom.

He added that the Foundation listened to all the opinions, proposals and observations received from the public of the Foundation and those expressed by all civil, local and official institutions regarding the proposals to amend its law, during the dialogue sessions it launched in the governorates of the Kingdom, based on its belief in the importance of dialogue and interaction and taking the opinions and suggestions of all those concerned with social security.

Al-Rahahleh stressed that the financial position of the Corporation is comfortable and in its best condition now, and that the Corporation is conducting an actuarial study to examine its financial position in the medium and long term at least once every three years in implementation of the provisions of its law, indicating that the Corporation has completed the tenth actuarial study and included positive results as it indicated an improvement in a point The breakeven between insurance revenues and expenses from (2034) in the ninth study to (2039) in the new study (the tenth), and the second break-even point, which represents the equality between total revenues and total expenses from (2041) to (2050), attributing this improvement to the institution’s efforts to expand coverage And the increase in the number of subscribers and part of it to the law amendments in (2019), noting that this study took what programs were implemented during the Corona pandemic, indicating that the institution’s assets will double by 2030 to reach (28) billion dinars.

Al-Rahahleh indicated that among the proposed amendments is the creation of a social solidarity account to help cover university study expenses for the children of the insured and retired, and to help those who reach the retirement age who did not complete the number of required contributions with their inability to purchase the remaining period in the purchase of this period with the assistance of the Foundation, in addition. To other social goals that are adopted on specific bases and conditions.

Al-Rahahleh added that the draft law reconsidered the conditions of entitlement to the heirs, as this amendment will benefit (6750) heirs as soon as the law is applied in the event of its approval, noting that the draft law will include a new mechanism for amending the minimum pension salary linked annually to the average wages of contributors.

Al-Rahahleh explained that the active role that the institution has become has contributed to enhancing confidence between it and its audience, explaining that the past 12 months witnessed an increase in the number of subscribers, reaching 12,000 new subscribers, which is the highest increase in the history of the institution, indicating that the number of voluntary subscribers has witnessed a remarkable growth with a percentage of more than 22%.

He stressed that the proposed amendments to the law related to early retirement will not include from his service more than (7) years, i.e. (84) contributions on 1/1/2023, and whoever has service less than this limit raises his early retirement age to (55) for males and ( 52) for females. Also, the draft law abolished early retirement for those whose contributions, by 1/1/2026, were less than (36) contributions, and their retirement became of old age (62) for males and (59) for females, and every insured person whose contributions are less than ( 120) A contribution on 1/1/2023. The retirement salary will be calculated for him on the basis of his average wages for his entire service, provided that the annual wages that are approved within the average are adjusted according to the inflation rate in the years following his receipt.

He added that the draft law made it possible for every early retiree whose pension is less than (300) dinars to work and to combine his pension with his wages from work in full, indicating that the amended draft law increases fines for employers and establishments that do not inform the institution in the event that they operate for retirees early, as the fine will be The facility shall pay 70% of the total pension salaries received by the worker while working in the facility.

In his speech, Al-Rahahleh said that our services have become completely electronic, as the Corporation provides qualitative services that are comparable to those provided by developed countries with warranty, such as air ambulance service, immediate notification of injuries, the channel for warranty payments, the nursery costs support program, the installment program and other initiatives launched by the Corporation to achieve the distinguished service for the insured. on them.

And he indicated that inclusion in security is an inherent right of every worker on the homeland, as the institution aims to reach the inclusion of (90%) of workers by the end of next year (2023), as the amended law included the imposition of a fine of (1,000) dinars for each worker not covered by social security.

Al-Rahahleh explained that the health insurance will include subscribers in the private sector and retirees who do not have health insurance and will be implemented during the first quarter of next year, as the treatment will be inside hospitals in the private sector and also covers cancer treatment, noting that the institution has reached consensus with all parties for the purposes of its application, and from It is expected that one million and (200) thousand subscribers will be covered when it is implemented, and the number will increase to (2) million with the addition of cancer treatment coverage to this insurance.

The Director of the Cases and Legal Affairs Department, Shaman Al-Majali, presented the most prominent features of the law amendments, indicating that they included several positive benefits that are reflected on the insured and retired, and enhance the insurance benefits provided. This is a higher increase than the current law on the salaries of retirees. It will also link early retirement salaries to an increase in annual inflation so that it is inversely related to wages, as the full annual increase is granted for salaries less than (300) dinars and at a rate of (75%) for salaries that exceed (300) dinars. And up to (500) dinars and (50%) for salaries that exceed (500) and up to a thousand dinars. As for early salaries that exceed a thousand dinars, they are linked to inflation upon completion of old age.

Al-Majali explained that the project proposal included amending the law to allocate a natural death retirement pension to the eligible heirs of the insured despite his death outside the service covered by the guarantee, provided that he had previous contributions to social security for a period of no less than (96) actual contributions instead of (120) contributions. As in the current law, and no more than (60) months have passed since his interruption from the insurance when the death occurred, the proposal to amend the law will allow the sons of the Gaza Strip and the children of Jordanian women the right to voluntary participation in the security, as the current law does not allow them to be voluntarily included in the social security.

He indicated that the draft law raises the period during which it is possible to review the setback related to work injuries to three years instead of one year as in the current law, so that they are entitled to treatment and review the percentage of disability. He also clarified that unemployment insurance has been expanded for the insured who have subscription periods of (20) years or more, as they will be able to obtain an unemployment allowance equivalent to monthly (70%) of their covered wage for an indefinite period, and it will continue to be disbursed provided that the contributor’s balance does not exceed The debtor in calculating unemployment for (8%) of his total included wages.

Al-Majali pointed out that the conditions for entitlement of the insured to maternity insurance have been expanded to become (8) continuous or intermittent months during the last (12) months of service for her instead of the requirement that she have (6) continuous months before giving birth, as well as supporting establishments to implement standards and provide equipment Occupational safety and health according to principles that will be approved by the Council, and allocating (1%) of the surplus at work injuries to contribute to this matter.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Rahahleh answered all the questions and inquiries of journalists and media representatives with transparency and clarity.

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