Taxes: 7 companies with major financiers were referred to the prosecution

Taxes: 7 companies with major financiers were referred to the prosecution
Taxes: 7 companies with major financiers were referred to the prosecution

Mokhtar Tawfik, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, stated that within the framework of the inspection campaigns carried out by the Egyptian Tax Authority, 7 companies registered with the Senior Taxpayers Center that did not comply with the regularity in issuing electronic invoices on the system were referred to the Public Prosecution, in accordance with the text of Article (72) of the Law Consolidated tax procedures No. 206 of 2020.

Mukhtar Tawfiq pointed out that these companies that are not obligated to send their entire invoices on the electronic invoice system have been placed as companies with high risks (blacklist), stressing that they will not enjoy the advantages granted to financiers who are committed to issuing the electronic invoice, whether in the procedures of tax refund, tax deduction or business Fulfillments or facilitating examination procedures, etc., stressing that the Tax Authority will continue to take all legal measures against non-compliant companies.

Mukhtar Tawfiq said that before making the decision to refer to the prosecution, the Tax Authority contacts them and sends several correspondences to these companies to warn and warn that legal measures will be taken. Companies that have not committed to joining the electronic invoice system, as well as companies that do not commit to regularly issuing electronic invoices, respectively.

Mukhtar Al-Tawfiq confirmed that in accordance with the provisions of Article (35) of the Unified Tax Procedures Law No. (206) of 2020, companies and other legal persons are obligated to register their sales and purchases on the electronic system, as well as Article (37) of the same law, which states that each financier is obligated Or charged with issuing a tax invoice or receipt in electronic form.

The head of the Egyptian Tax Authority called on the companies that joined the electronic invoice system to commit to issuing all their invoices on the system, stressing that the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority provide all facilities and support for companies to join the electronic invoice system, whether through technical support offices or field visits, or through the integrated call center on No. 16395, or through e-mail

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