After the Fez incident, the killing of a “crushed” cat provokes anger in Tetouan, and human rights activists are suing the culprit (video)

A video clip documenting the shocking killing of a cat, in one of the neighborhoods of Tetouan, sparked outrage on social media, while a human rights organization decided to sue the person involved, a few weeks after the incident of a girl feeding a cat to her dog in Fez, before the court punished her.

The video, which was widely circulated on social media, showed a person on Mohamed El Kharraz Street in Tetouan crushing a cat under his leg until its death, late at night, as the incident was documented by a surveillance camera in one of the shops.

According to the video clip seen by Al-Amaq newspaper, the person in question took out a cat that was sheltering under a car, put it under his feet and stood on top of it until it died, before hitting it on the wall of a house to confirm its death.

In the first reactions, the “Azan Association for the Defense of Animals and Nature” decided to file a lawsuit against the person involved in the killing of the cat. A complaint was filed with the King’s attorney at the Court of First Instance in Tetouan, a copy of which was reviewed by Al-Omq newspaper.

According to the complaint filed by the lawyer in the Tetouan Authority, Mohamed Al-Hashimi Alami, on behalf of the association, the matter is related to “a heinous killing targeting a pet cat, by the defendant, who, with his reckless behavior, revealed his criminal structure that shook the prey of every person who enjoys even an ounce of humanity.” .

The association added in its complaint that what happened was “a brutal killing of a pet. No one has the right to deprive him of the right to life, which remains the highest right of all creatures in the universe, even if he deserves it. Rather, an innocent cat is trying to find a shelter from stray dogs hiding under one of the the cars”.

She pointed out that many similar events have spread recently, warning that this may spread “an offensive culture that is far from religious and human values, which will inevitably lead to the unjustified killing of animals.”

The complaint considered that what the defendant had committed is a crime under the criminal law and punishable under it, pointing out that the Moroccan legislator addresses such cases in the requirements of Articles 601 and 602 of the Criminal Code.

Lawyer Muhammad Al-Hashemi Al-Alami asked the Public Prosecution to refer this complaint to the judicial police in order to apprehend the person concerned and present it before the King’s representative for follow-up in accordance with the law.

It is noteworthy that the Court of First Instance in Fez had issued a ruling in a similar incident, last July, against a girl who incited her dog to eat a cat alive. of a domesticated animal.”

The girl in question had caused an uproar on social networking sites, after she appeared in a video inciting a dog to devour a cat alive, as social networking sites demanded the arrest and trial of the girl.

After the commotion, the girl in question came out in a videotape and apologized to all Moroccans, acknowledging the mistake she had made in filming and sharing the video, which she quickly deleted after 20 minutes.

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan Penal Code criminalizes the killing of domestic animals, as Article 602 provides for the punishment of “anyone who unnecessarily kills or amputates one of the animals referred to in the previous chapter, or any other domesticated animal found in places, buildings, gardens, annexes or land It is owned, rented, or cultivated by the owner of the killed or amputated animal, with imprisonment from two to six months and a fine of two hundred to two hundred and fifty dirhams.

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