Ajman Transport reduces the price of taxi fare in the emirate

Ajman Transport reduces the price of taxi fare in the emirate
Ajman Transport reduces the price of taxi fare in the emirate

The Ajman Transport Authority has decided to reduce the price of its taxi fares, in line with the low price of fuel, which reflects the positive side of taxi users in light of the increasing demand for the service.

The authority explained that this noticeable decrease in taxi tariffs indicates the principle based on liberalizing fuel prices and keeping prices commensurate with fuel costs, which aims to improve service provision in accordance with effective controls and foundations that contribute to the convenience of users without exaggerating prices.

She stated that the reduction of fees indicates the success of the digital transformation plans developed by the authority with the aim of developing the vital sector and making taxi users happy in the emirate. The authority is constantly seeking to improve and develop the performance of the taxi sector as one of the most important means of transportation used.

This change in tariffs occurs automatically, automatically and continuously in the smart meter system, which raises the level of services provided by the authority to the taxi sector, supports its efforts towards smart and digital transformation, and enhances the confidence of service users by relying on digital services, which enhances the efficiency and flexibility of services and keeps pace with future developments.

The taxi sector in the emirate includes (6) franchise companies, and the number of taxi license plates is 2230 in the emirate, including the Ajman taxi, which are driven by drivers who undergo continuous training courses in the field of transportation and communications.

In addition, the Ajman Transport Authority has made available the “route” service, which is a smart application for requesting taxis in the emirate, noting that it helps in making the reservation of taxis approved by the Transport Authority, each according to his desire.

The authority stated to “Emirates Today” that there are 7 types of vehicles that the “Root” application helps to book through it: taxis, 7-passenger taxis, people of determination vehicles, skilled female taxi fare, limousine masts, and 7-passenger limousine masts, and fare route.

The authority clarified the steps for booking a vehicle, which are: download the Ajman route application from the (app store) or (google play), then choose the destination he wishes to reach and enjoy the trip, pointing out that the application allows the customer to choose the vehicle he wishes to travel with after specifying the destination. .

The Ajman Transport Authority confirmed that it is harnessing all efforts to take advantage of modern technology to provide all means of comfort and safety to the public, noting that this smart application provides residents and visitors with a fast and reliable window to request the means of transport provided by the authority, pointing out that the “Route” application is an application for reservations. Taxi vehicles are approved by the Transport Authority, and the customer can book a variety of vehicles according to his desire, and he can download the application, register, and book and plan trips with quick and easy steps.

The authority indicated that the application helps the customer to reach the nearest taxi to his location and maintains the customer’s record of payment receipts and dates of booking previous trips, in addition to that it calculates the tariff for the customer accurately from the beginning of the trip to the specified location, and provides reminders for the dates and any developments related to the trip, to Besides, a secure and reliable payment method with multiple payment options, as well as that the customer can provide his opinion and satisfaction with the trip and the experience as a whole, as well as request support by e-mail and phone.

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