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settled Edible oil prices today Thursday, September 1, 2022, in the purchasing value of traders in the local markets, following a case of successive increases in all types of oils, over the course of the week’s trading.

Edible oil prices today in Egypt 2022

In mid-August, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade represented by the General Authority for Supply Commodities contracted 47,000 tons of raw soybean oil, pouring local production in Egyptian pounds, within the framework of the political leadership’s directives to maintain the strategic stock of food commodities for a period of no less than 6 months.

Yesterday, Wednesday, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi directed to increase the exceptional support for families in need on ration cards from 100 to 300 pounds, which was praised by the heads of political parties, considering this as new support for the Egyptian citizen, amid the confusion that the world is witnessing.

Markets for Information monitored the stability of refined soybean oil prices, refined sunflower oil prices, crude and refined corn prices, and olein oil prices.

Globally, futures prices have fallen for the oil of the first twoAnd palm oil at the closing of the morning trading session on Thursday, at the Malaysian Stock Exchange.

Edible oil prices today

Crude corn oil

Crude corn oil prices stabilized in the local market, to record 32,000 pounds per ton.

Refined Corn Oil

The prices of refined corn oil in the Egyptian market were also fixed, reaching 39,500 pounds per ton.

wholesale oil price

Refined soybean oil

Refined soybean oil prices were also fixed in the local market, reaching 33,500 pounds per ton.

The price of a ton of olein oil today

The prices of the first two oil have stabilized today in the local market, to record the price of a ton of 36,000 pounds.

refined sunflower oil price

The price of refined sunflower oil was also fixed in the Egyptian market, bringing the price of a ton to 38,700 pounds.

Consumer oil prices

Oil prices for the consumer have stabilized today, as the price of corn oil “800 ml” reached 48.5 pounds, while “800 ml” sunflower oil reached 42.5 pounds, and the price of corn slate oil scored about 34 pounds.

Global oil prices

Palm oil

The September contract for palm oil fell $7.5, to $990.

Oil of the first two

The September contract for olein oil fell $7.5, to $1,000 a ton.

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