Electricity and gas prices are rising in Turkey

Electricity and gas prices are rising in Turkey
Electricity and gas prices are rising in Turkey

The prices of electricity and natural gas tariffs in Turkey increased by different rates for groups of residential, commercial and industrial subscribers, as of today, Thursday, September 1.

The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) announced an increase in electricity tariffs for residential subscription and agricultural activities by 20%, for commercial subscription, the private sector and services by 30%, and for industrial subscription by 50%.

The price of electricity for the consumption category became 1.73 Turkish lira per kilowatt for the consumption category of 100 kilowatts and below.

The authority attributed the reasons for the rise to the fact that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine continues to affect global economies, and has brought “severe” consequences to all global energy markets, especially for European countries.

It stated that extraordinary increases occurred in the prices of almost all raw materials, which also negatively affected the costs of energy production in Turkey.

The Turkish State Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Company (BOTAŞ) raised natural gas fees by 20.4% for the residential subscription, 47.6% for the commercial subscription, 50.8% for the industrial subscription, and 49.5% for power plants.

The company’s statement stated that more than 99% of natural gas is an energy Source imported from external sources within the framework of international agreements.

The reasons for the rise in gas prices are the same as the rise in electricity prices, according to the company, which indicated that gas prices in global markets rose by about 2000%, before the war between Russia and Ukraine, and gas prices in global markets have not been reflected on consumers at the same rate in Turkey until today, according to the company. .

BOTAŞ said that natural gas in Turkey is the lowest price among European countries in housing and industrial facilities, according to what was reported by the HaberTürk channel website.

The price hike coincides with the rise in the general level of prices for most materials, the depreciation of the Turkish lira, and the rise in inflation rates to high levels.

The Turkish lira is witnessing a decline in its value against the US dollar, and the dollar exchange rate touched 18.21 Turkish liras today, according to the “Döviz” website, which specializes in exchange rates and currencies.

Syrians in Turkey in general are facing increasing difficulties in the high prices of basic consumer items, the high prices of electricity and gas, and the high rents for homes amid limited financial resources.

Inflation rates rose to high levels and reached 79.60 on an annual basis, amid the continued rise in inflation on a monthly basis in July, according to what the “Turkish Statistics Authority” announced in its monthly report on August 3.

Global commodity prices are witnessing successive rises, driven by the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as energy prices, especially oil and natural gas, and food prices, the most important of which are grains, jumped.

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