You will not believe who is the grandson of the artist “Mahmoud Shokoko”?! A famous artist and the best action actor in the artistic community!!

You will not believe who is the grandson of the artist “Mahmoud Shokoko”?! A famous artist and the best action actor in the artistic community!!
You will not believe who is the grandson of the artist “Mahmoud Shokoko”?! A famous artist and the best action actor in the artistic community!!

Mahmoud Shokoko represented in many black and white films and was associated with Ismail Yassin, as he participated with him as a monologist duo, and formed his own band. Mahmoud Shokoko was the only Egyptian artist who made small dolls in his shape with the municipal robes and the distinctive hat he wore.

Who among us does not remember the famous artist and monologue Mahmoud Shkoko, who left our world in 1985 and presented many works to art and added his own touches to theater and monologue art, in addition to being considered the founder of the puppet theater in Egypt. Who left his original profession and devoted himself entirely to art and participated in a variety of artworks that exceeded 100 works.

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Among the legacy left by the artist Mahmoud Shkoko, and in the last decade, several names of Egyptian stars have emerged on the acting scene, and they are his grandsons, the star Amir Karara and his brother, the rising actor Ahmed Karara, where Amir Karara is considered one of the best action actors in cinema, according to the opinion of the audience, in addition to To a grandson behind the camera named Ramy Karara and their sister Nisreen Karara.

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Since Shkoko is considered a grandfather of Amir and his brothers, and this is what the latter revealed in several interviews, where he said that Mahmoud Shokoko is his grandmother’s uncle. He is always proud of being the grandson of a naturally gifted genius, and Amir Karara confirmed that Shkoko’s artistic career taught him a lot and added to him as an artist, despite his grandfather’s death at a young age.

It is worth noting that the artist Amir Karara participated in the drama of the last Ramadan, in the series “Al-Ayedoon”, which was one of the best series according to the opinion of the audience, where he received many praises after showing all its episodes.

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