The Mohammed bin Rashid Library hosts the “Spirit of Place” event to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day

The Mohammed bin Rashid Library hosts the “Spirit of Place” event to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day
The Mohammed bin Rashid Library hosts the “Spirit of Place” event to celebrate Emirati Women’s Day

Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Mohammed bin Rashid Library organized the “Spirit of Place” event on the occasion of the celebration of Emirati Women’s Day. They were able to achieve great achievements locally, regionally and globally.

The “Spirit of Place” event kicked off with a dialogue session moderated by Emirati media, Alia Bujasim, which included inspiring stories of their success locally and globally, the challenges and opportunities they encountered in society, in addition to highlighting the role of the state and society in supporting Emirati women by achieving career excellence and overcoming various challenges, and how Balance personal and professional life.

Director Nujoom Al-Ghanim, during her participation in the session, shed light on her experience of breaking into the world of art and cinema, reaching the world, and the most prominent challenges she faced in entering this world, and how she succeeded in breaking the stereotyped image of women in Emirati society, to leave today, with her own cultural vision, a real imprint on the image of women. The UAE has its strength, presence and creativity in all sectors and fields.

She also talked about her movie “Between Two Banks”, the first documentary film to participate in the name of the UAE in an international film festival in 1999; This was at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Japan, and how her films shed light on important Arab issues, and her participation in international and regional film festivals as well as local festivals.

Emirati lawyer Nadia Abdel Razzaq recounted her experience entering the corridors of the courts in the Emirates and storming a job that was the preserve of men, facing all the challenges of this profession at the time, which led to her success in establishing her own law firm and her journey to obtain a doctorate.

It is worth noting that the Mohammed bin Rashid Library pays special attention to Emirati women, and always seeks to support them by activating their role in participating in activities and events, and highlighting multiple talents, believing in the creativity, excellence and culture of Emirati women, and is one of the leading authorities. In empowering women, the percentage of Emirati female employees is more than 65% in various jobs. The library houses among its galleries the books of dozens of Emirati female writers and novelists in several fields such as: criticism, poetry, literature of all kinds, psychology, history, education, children’s literature, police sciences and other fields.

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