The return of assassinations complicates the scene in Iraq

The return of assassinations complicates the scene in Iraq
The return of assassinations complicates the scene in Iraq

The head of the Iraqi Political Thinking Center, Dr. Ihsan Al-Shammari, confirmed that the resurgence of clashes in Iraq in the past hours, following the dispersal of the demonstrations in Baghdad, came due to the lack of flexibility from the “coordinating framework” represented by the State of Law coalition, as well as the nature of the statements issued by the “framework” and provoked The Sadrist Movement’s “Peace Brigades” elements.

Al-Shammari explained to Al-Dustour that the members of the Peace Brigades were angry at the killing of their colleagues affiliated with the Sadrist movement in the demonstrations, so the clashes resumed. Other than that, there is a large accumulation of animosity between the two parties.

As for the warnings of assassinations by the Iraqi security establishment, Al-Shammari said: “My perception is that it coincides with the nature of the connection, specifically in the capital and in southern Iraq. It can take the shuffling of cards inside Iraq.”

Adhering to Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani to head the government

Commenting on the coordination framework’s adherence to Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, a candidate for prime minister, Ihsan Al-Shammari explained that if the coordination framework does not show flexibility, it will eventually lead to its disintegration. The framework will push for disintegration and will also push on the other hand to increase the rivalry with the Sadrist movement, and the possibility of the demonstrations returning again.

The Iraqi academic considered that insisting on this issue is for the purpose of demonstrating strength and also undermining al-Sadr and ending his political future, and this is a mistaken assessment by the coordination framework.

Scenarios for resolving the crisis in Iraq

The Iraqi expert and academic said that there are three options, the first is to go towards early elections, whether by persuading the political forces and by dissolving the Federal Court, and the second matter is escalation, and this escalation will lead to the outbreak of new demonstrations, which may lead to the overthrow of the regime and the scenario of the United Nations entering the crisis line and presenting an initiative to the parties Iraq and the United Nations shall be a guarantor of the application of the solution mechanism.

And the Iraqi politician indicated, that the mechanisms that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi may use is dialogue with the political parties, and he can bring them together, but his waving of the vacancy of the position shows that he has become unable to all parties, and the other thing is that waving is an attempt to preserve the lives of the demonstrators and strengthen security measures, so this It is more political than government action.

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