Documents required from expatriates applying for admission to Al-Azhar University 2022-2023

Documents required from expatriates applying for admission to Al-Azhar University 2022-2023
Documents required from expatriates applying for admission to Al-Azhar University 2022-2023

Al-Azhar University has announced the documents required of international students applying for enrollment for the academic year 2022-2023.

Dr. Mohamed El-Sherbiny, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, announced the opening of electronic registration for international students enrolled in Al-Azhar scholarships online.

The vice president of the university explained that opening the registration door electronically comes within the framework of the efforts of the Al-Azhar Foundation, a university and a university headed by the Grand Imam, Dr. Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic.

The Vice President for Education and Student Affairs explained that registration of desires is available for practical and theoretical faculties until 9/15, 2022 AD, as for Sharia and Arab faculties, it continues until 10/13/2022 AD.

El-Sherbiny pointed out that the university accepts international students who have the Al-Azhar secondary certificate or its equivalent, the Islamic Missions Institute high school or its equivalent, and the high school readings, in addition to international students who have a secondary certificate equivalent to the Egyptian general secondary school; According to the terms and conditions, noting that there are instructions that applicants must follow, which are as follows:

Applicants register their data electronically.

The student enters the passport number registered with the International Student Administration in the Mission City and the confirmation code in order to be able to register on the website.

After successfully filling out the basic data, the student registers the faculties he wishes to join by clicking on “Register Wishes”. After selecting the faculties he wishes to join, the student prints and signs these wishes.

The student goes to the Admissions Sub-Admission Coordination Office in the General Administration of International Students with all the documents and its headquarters: Cairo – Abbasiya – the Islamic Mission City – in front of the Police Sports Union Club – next to the missions’ passports.

The student will learn about the coordination result and knowledge of the college to which he has been nominated by entering the electronic coordination website for international students again, knowing the college to which he is nominated and printing the nomination card.

To obtain information about the university’s faculties, the programs available for international students, and download the guide for international students for the academic year 2022-2023 AD, the conditions for admission, as well as the documents required to apply for admission to Al-Azhar University, they should visit the Al-Azhar University website.

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