Citizens flock to the “Ahlan Schools 2022” exhibition

Citizens flock to the “Ahlan Schools 2022” exhibition
Citizens flock to the “Ahlan Schools 2022” exhibition

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Citizens continue to flock to the Ahlan Schools Fair in Ismailia, in great numbers, to buy school supplies, at discounted prices, ranging from 20-30%, within the framework of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives, to lift the burdens on citizens and provide all goods to citizens at prices significantly lower than their counterparts. in the markets.

The Ahlan Schools exhibition also raised the slogan “Rejoice and rejoice for your children,” so that the exhibition will also be an opportunity for a picnic, shopping and savings.

The citizens expressed their happiness and thanks to the political leadership for launching such initiatives to ease their financial burdens in these circumstances with the approach of the new school year, praising the reduced prices offered by the exhibition.

The exhibition includes all school supplies and tools, and school uniforms for students, with a focus on the Egyptian product with the aim of promoting local industries. To 70 exhibitors for the Businesswomen’s Committee divided into two periods, for the diversity of the exhibits, with a total of 105 merchants and models, to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the citizens, and to lift the burden from their shoulders. The exhibition continues 45 days from its opening.

Major General Sherif Fahmy Bishara, Governor of Ismailia, accompanied by Major General Mahmoud Ashour, Assistant Minister of Interior and Director of Ismailia Security, and Eng. Ahmed Othman, President of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in Ismailia, had inaugurated the Welcome Schools 2022 exhibition on August 31, under the slogan “We are all one” initiative of the Ministry of Interior. In Sheikh Zayed Park, a third district.

The exhibition will be held in full cooperation with the executive bodies in Ismailia Governorate and the Ismailia Security Directorate, and in coordination with the concerned authorities, in the framework of preparations for the new academic year 2022/2023.

The opening was witnessed by Major General Hisham Al-Taweel, Assistant General Secretary, Ibrahim Khamira, First Vice President of the Chamber, Ihab Zuhdi, Assistant Secretary of the Fund, Mohamed El-Sayed, Director of the Chamber, Ahmed Mansour, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Supply, Dr. Ismailia, members of the Businesswomen’s Committee, and a number of security and executive leaders.

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