Housing subsidy disbursement, conditions and method of registration … Egypt

Housing subsidy disbursement, conditions and method of registration … Egypt
Housing subsidy disbursement, conditions and method of registration … Egypt

Press B – Egypt Watch the housing support disbursement, terms and method of registration, and now see the details.

Disbursement of housing support and the conditions and method of registration, as a service provided by the Ministry of Housing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the citizen with the aim of registering on the Ministry’s lists, and enabling them to request housing support while verifying the eligibility of the applicants for the initiative, and this is done according to the conditions for obtaining support in an automated manner that determines the position of acceptance or Rejection of applications submitted through the initiative’s electronic link, which is linked with the relevant government agencies, and through our article today, we learn about the housing support calculator, the method of registering for the support, the conditions for obtaining housing support, and the mobile application of the housing support initiative. You can also see the support initiative Education employees from the Sakani platform, the date for disbursing the housing support, the conditions for obtaining the housing support program, the new eligibility conditions, and now to the details.

Housing support disbursement, terms and method of registration

Those looking for housing support in the Kingdom can register in the support initiative with the following steps of the registration method for housing support:

First, go to the platform link.

Second, you click on the registration icon if you are not registered.

Third, if you are registered, enter your ID number and password.

Fourth, you register by placing your national ID number and your date of birth and choosing to verify the data is correct.

Fifthly, click on receiving the temporary password.

Sixth, you will receive an activation code via text messages to the number registered in Absher.

Seventh, the validity of the data and the eligibility of the applicant to use the platform is verified, and he is notified by text messages.

Eighth, you log in with your e-mail, password, mobile number and activation code.

Ninth, you click on the “Submit” icon to show you the acknowledgment.

Tenth, you read the terms and conditions and tick “True” to agree to the acknowledgment and press “Agree”.

Eleventh, you answer the question “What is the current type of housing?” To check your eligibility for housing support.

Twelfth, you review your personal data and correct any error and then click on “Continue”.

Thirteenth, you continue to verify the family’s data, correct any errors, and press Continue.

Fourteenth, you will be presented with three questions that you can answer with yes or no.

Fifteenth, if the entitlement is completed and approved, you will see the message “Congratulations, you are now eligible for housing support.” To complete the booking process, click on the “electronic market platform” icon.

Sixteenth, if the result is non-entitlement, the message “Sorry, you did not meet the eligibility conditions” will appear, along with the reason.

Seventeenth, you can object by writing the comment in the rectangle that appears with the phrase “Write your comment here” and upload the documents by clicking on the upload icon, then clicking on the send icon.

Eighteenth, you can check the status of your objection and modify the information you previously entered if it affected the entitlement through the profile icon.

Residents of the housing support can inquire through the sakani platform to request housing support and check eligibility for registration in housing support for the first time and the method of inquiry.

Eligibility for housing support

The date of the descent of the housing subsidy is expected on November 24, 2021 AD to disburse the housing subsidy, but it will be close to the end of the month.

Searching for a project in the housing support disbursement initiative

Search for a project to book as follows:

You click on the projects icon to view the available projects.

Then you click on real estate development companies.

All residential development companies and their affiliated projects will be displayed.

You search for a project with the options of project type, region or both.

The participants and beneficiaries of the housing support system can fully benefit from the value of the support in the form of a housing unit in one of the projects affiliated with the initiative, by using the search tool on the site with the previous steps for use, and the value of the support can be identified by using the housing support disbursement calculator as we will explain in the following paragraph in detail, As well as the terms of housing support.

Housing Support Disbursement Calculator

The housing support calculator is known as a digital tool through the official website, used to calculate the amount of support provided by the ministry to those who are eligible for support, whatever support is provided housing units ready or under construction, within the projects built on the ministry’s lands and within the real estate loan.

The value of the advance depends on the criteria of the obligations owed by the beneficiary, and the value is determined when submitting the entitlement to one of the financing agencies.

Housing Support Calculator

housing support terms

The official account of the initiative on the social networking site Twitter announced the basic conditions for obtaining housing support for entitlement to housing support as follows:

The support is due to Saudi families only, including a husband and wife, children under 25, and unmarried daughters.

The applicant family should not have already benefited from previously governmental or private support.

The age of the applicant shall not be less than 25 years, taking into account that the father is the father, and the widow and the divorced woman are also excluded from the age requirement if she is supporting children.

Full residency is required for the family in the Kingdom.

The family did not own a suitable home in the last five years, “and the appropriate housing is determined according to the type, quality and area of ​​the building.”

The eligibility conditions continue to apply from submission to maturity.

And the date of disbursing housing support for the month of November in the last quarter of the month.

Basic conditions for entitlement to housing support

Residential Support Application

Users of the digital Sakani platform services can obtain services, as well as benefit from them via mobile phones and tablets, using the digital application for mobile devices.

Ownership just got easier.

View of residential units for sale

Present their property to the real estate market by following the following four steps:

First, register on the platform.

Second, choose the instrument number.

Third, enter the information about the property.

Fourth, publish the request.

Adding a property to the real estate market

And that is through the real estate_market platform, which is a reliable and approved platform for displaying and buying different products from “villas – apartments – floors”, in various new and used cases, in different parts of the Kingdom.

Housing subsidy deposit for the month of November 2021 has begun

The deposit of housing support begins on the accounts of the beneficiaries for the month of November 2021 AD, starting from the date of Wednesday, corresponding to 24-11-2021 AD, and the deposit of the support continues until the fifth day from the beginning of the real estate installment deduction, and the official account of the Sakani program on the social networking site Twitter published a statement explaining the numbers The beneficiaries of the support during the current year from January to last October are as follows:

175,000 Saudi families benefited from the various housing options during the announced period.

149,000 families settled in their new homes.

Residential numbers from January to October 2021

It takes into account the fulfillment of the conditions for obtaining housing support throughout the eligibility period until the housing support comes down.

Housing support filing deadline

Housing support is deposited or disbursed to eligible beneficiaries on the 24th and 25th of each Gregorian month, the date of which is prior to the date of salaries.

The value of the housing support is not affected by any changes in the number of family members of the beneficiaries, but the support for the citizen’s account is affected by this.

All conditions for obtaining housing support must be met, and housing support conditions for military and civilians must be followed.

Issuance of a certificate of works completion of construction

Issuance of a work certificate through the Baladi platform with the following steps:

Accessing the works certificate issuance page from the Baladi platform website through the Absher unified access.

Determine the type of owner and applicant.

Select the building permit for which an occupancy certificate is to be obtained.

Then choose the engineering office for non-residential buildings, and send the request to the engineering office.

The engineering office completes the data and prepares the report.

Then the secretariat approves the certificate and accordingly a payment invoice number is issued.

After payment of fees, a certificate of occupancy is issued and can be printed.

Terms and method of registering for housing support through our website.

Delinquent Support Program

Ejar is an integrated electronic network that aims to regulate the real estate rental sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides a support service under the following conditions:

That the case be within the categories covered by the support.

Documentation of the residential lease contract within the rental network.

Issuance of an execution decision against the beneficiary by an execution judge.

And a decision was issued by the area organizing committee about the type of support.

You can take advantage of this service and learn more details, as well as easily activate it through its official website.

Inquiry about housing application by ID number

Inquire about the housing support application using the ID number by following the following steps:

Login to the Sakani electronic platform link.

From the top right of the page, click on Login.

Then we determine the status of a citizen or resident.

After that, we click to check the eligibility status.

You must also put the ID number of the applicant.

Then we click Verify.

We write the date of birth and select Continue.

You will receive a code on the phone, enter it and continue.

You will finally be taken to the personal data page and the status of the request is indicated in it.

Additional financing without a guarantor from Al Rajhi up to 2 million Saudi riyals

Details from the Source – click here

View housing support disbursement, terms and method of registration

These were the details of housing support disbursement and the terms and method of registration. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

Note that the original article has been published and is available on educate me The editorial team at Press B has verified it, and it may have been modified, and it may have been completely transferred or quoted from, and you can read and follow the developments of this news or topic from its main Source.

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