Hanadi Muhanna sets off a surprise: He can’t be more successful than Ahmed Khaled Saleh… The reason is unexpected!

Hanadi Muhanna sets off a surprise: He can’t be more successful than Ahmed Khaled Saleh… The reason is unexpected!
Hanadi Muhanna sets off a surprise: He can’t be more successful than Ahmed Khaled Saleh… The reason is unexpected!

Actress Hanadi Muhanna, a guest on the “A Last Word” program, with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, to talk to her about her beginnings, future artistic projects, her private life in general, and her relationship with her husband, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and asking her why they do not have children yet.

The actress, Hanadi Muhanna, revealed for the first time the strange reason behind her postponing childbearing after her marriage to the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh at the end of 2020: “We postponed the succession a little because I was originally a baby and I was young, but I was still a mother. It is not possible for a baby to remove a baby.”

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Actress Hanadi Muhanna revealed the details of her exposure to public bullying on social media during the last period.

Hanadi Muhanna said during her meeting with the Last Word Program: Society’s pressure through social media, especially Instagram, to set pressure standards on girls in terms of appearance is very bad.

And she continued: 99% of the pictures in it are not real, all of them are photoshop and filters, and despite that, for me, it is not important for the shape, the elegance, or anything else.

And she added: The important thing is that we are comfortable and we are looking at it and also in other elements. It is possible to make us happy and we are looking in the mirror like good work and relationships of friends or someone. I go beyond many things that cause joy, but the most important thing is that the person remains happy in his heart, and people do not care what they say.

She said that she was influenced a lot in previous periods by people’s opinions, saying: There are people, for example, who used to tell me that you look better and that you betrayed him.

She continued: I was affected by people’s words at first when I was full of them. They used to tell me like a buffalo, and I was annoyed when I read the coments and sat crying, but I discovered that a person can get upset when his confidence in himself is shaken, and this is a period of time when I counted it as if any word flopped.

I continued: When a person is happy and comfortable from within, his life remains positive energy, and no matter what they write, there is no door for negative energy to infiltrate.

And about how she succeeded in regaining her confidence in herself, she said: I loved myself in the mirrors, I was happy and sad. I could not wear nice clothes because the clothes did not come in my size.

And about her advice to girls, she explained: My advice to girls is to work for me when they want it and are happy with it, and that when they look in the mirror, they are happy and comfortable, and as long as you have strong confidence in yourself, no words will affect you.

In other statements to the young actress about the secret of her agility, she said: “The first time I represented the world, I did not walk with me. I preferred two years to work and there was no need to broadcast until the first work, which is the joys of Satan, which is still on display soon, despite the completion of filming it for a long time. I also made a movie and stopped, and in a while From all these periods, I became depressed, and I was staying at home, so I preferred to eat, and this is the reason for my weight gain.”

And she continued, “I was originally thin from the first and then betrayed when I returned to Egypt. I tried very many things until I resorted to a slimming doctor. The issue was not diarrhea or money, but I tried every need and all kinds of diet and sports and I benefited from it.”

She continued her talk about her marriage to the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh: “I don’t like my appearance in my joy when you look at my pictures, I still want to do another joy, joy comes quickly and I don’t have to prepare anything, and I am very precise and I love idealism.”

The artist Hanadi Muhanna also revealed special details about her relationship with her husband, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, stressing that she is jealous of her husband.

Hanadi said: “Sure, I am like all human beings, but I do not suffocate .. He changes me within the limits of normal, and Ahmed does not say that I am, although all people say that.”

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