A Scottish child dies after participating in a terrifying challenge on Tik Tok

“My son died playing the viral online ‘choking game’ challenge that baby died,” was a stern warning that baby Leon’s mother gave to other parents after her teenage son passed away.
Archie Battersby, 12, was found at his home in Essex with a strap around his neck in April and became the subject of a heated legal battle after doctors declared him brain dead and his life support was withdrawn to eventually die.

• A stern warning to everyone

Leon Brown, 14, with his mother and was found not breathing in his bedroom – Image via dailymail.co.uk

Leon Brown, according to dailymail.co.uk, of Cumbernauld, Scotland, was just 14 years old when he was found unresponsive to attempts to re-breathe in his bedroom after he was said to have attempted to participate in a TikTok challenge.
And Leon’s grieving mother, Lauren Keating, has sent a warning to his classmates and their parents after her son’s boyfriend revealed he wanted to repeat the choke game after seeing it on the video-sharing app. TikTok
Keating confirms that Leon’s friends were watching him attempt a challenge via Facetime when tragedy struck and the student lost his life.
Keating later said she was shocked when she searched TikTok and found a bunch of videos promoting similar choke games, saying: “I went to TikTok and typed similar words to the blackout challenge.” I was surprised by the amount of deadly “ridiculous” challenges

• A killer game

It is understood that Leon’s friends were watching him attempt the challenge via FaceTime – image from dailymail.co.uk

“One of Leon’s friends told me he was doing a challenge with them on Facetime after seeing him on TikTok,” a friend of Leon told Daily Record co.uk. He believes Leon’s friends thought what Leon was doing was a joke. However, Leon did not return to life and laughter, the challenge went in the wrong direction and developed unexpectedly.”
He adds: “I heard about this challenge, because of what happened to Archie,” as well as to Leon, and demands that young people and parents be warned “these online challenges are not worth our lives, they don’t deserve ‘likes’ or anything they do for them.”

Following the boy’s death, Leon’s friends and family gathered to release balloons in his memory last week – his fellow fans and his fellow Celtic fans have signed a document that will be shown at their next game, and his classmates will pin the document to a banister at their local park to warn of the deadly challenge after their teammate’s death.

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• Ban dangerous challenge

In light of the attack on the Tik Tok application, which was described as being responsible for endangering the lives of young people, the organizers of the Chinese video-sharing application confirmed that “Blackout Challenge” videos have been removed from their platform and measures were put in place to prevent users from sharing the trend or searching for it.
Leon’s death comes just weeks after Archie Battersbee’s resuscitators were removed after a protracted legal battle after the youngster also tried to “Challenge the Blackout”.

• What is the Blackout Challenge?

The Blackout Challenge is a challenge that spread through social media and encouraged users to strangle themselves and lose consciousness and regain consciousness in front of the camera, but this challenge was ending with the death of dozens of children in the United States.

• Warning from an expert

warns Dr. Amani Nazih Saeed, a psychological consultant, through my lady, from the spread of strange and dangerous challenges on social networking sites and the participation of children in them, who aspire to gain more followers and under the weight and pressure of the magic of the “Like” button, adolescents are motivated to implement these challenges, even if they may pose a threat to their lives, stressing that Adolescents at this age usually seek to prove themselves in front of others without looking at the consequences, which prompts them to invent those challenges and compete among themselves to implement them.
Dr. stresses. Amani stressed the importance of following up and monitoring children and adolescents when using these applications and following up on their activity on them and always interfering with all images and clarifying the dangers of these challenges and using live examples of children who have been harmed by practicing these challenges to further convince the child or adolescent motivated by these deadly challenges.

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