The death of a Palestinian detainee in an Israeli prison as a result of medical negligence

The death of a Palestinian detainee in an Israeli prison as a result of medical negligence
The death of a Palestinian detainee in an Israeli prison as a result of medical negligence

The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated that the detainee, Musa Haroun Abu Mahamid (40 years), from the village of Beit Tamar, east of Bethlehem, died in Assaf Horveh Hospital, as a result of the medical negligence policy pursued by the occupation prisons administration against sick prisoners.

The club explained, in a press statement today, Saturday, that “Abu Mahamid” was arrested against the background of entering to work in occupied Jerusalem without a permit, according to his family, and his health condition has deteriorated significantly recently, as he was transferred to the hospital until he died this morning, stressing that what The detainee, “Abu Mahamid”, was subjected to a crime in addition to the continuing crimes of the occupation, including the crime of deliberate medical negligence.

The Prisoners Club held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the death of the detainee, “Abu Mahamid”, noting that the targeting of Palestinians under the pretext of entering the territories of 1948 has escalated since the beginning of this year, not only through arrests, but also through shooting them.

Later, the occupation authorities informed the family of “Abu Mahamid” that his body would be handed over today.

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority confirmed that the detainee “Abu Mahamid” was subjected to a policy of deliberate medical negligence after being infected with a germ inside the prison, and his treatment was delayed, until his health condition worsened, and he died as a result.

The head of the commission, Qadri Abu Bakr, called on the international community to immediately intervene to stop the policy of field killing that the occupation government gave to its soldiers and police.

Abu Bakr said, “Several years ago, specifically in 2015, which witnessed the beginning of a new phase of resistance to the occupation in Jerusalem, defending holy sites, challenging the racism of the occupation and its settlers, and their efforts to Judaize Jerusalem, the capital, the occupation government gave a clear decision to the army and police to act in the field, so that every A policeman or soldier has the right to decide the fate of the Palestinian before him, by keeping him alive or killing him.”

He added, “The cameras have documented the work of this immoral and inhuman Israeli decision, and hundreds of Palestinians were shot from zero, a large percentage of them are children and women, and more than 100 bodies are still kidnapped from those who rose after 2015, and each case exposes this criminal extremism. of the Zionist occupation system.

Abu Bakr condemned the crime of killing the detainee “Abu Mahamid”, whether by shooting him two months ago, or by arresting him and committing a medical crime against him, and that his entry to Jerusalem without a work permit was for the sake of living, and it is not reasonable that the price of that would end his life.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this year, the occupation has arrested more than (2,140) Palestinians. Of the 450 arrests, including children.

The number of sick prisoners reached more than (600) prisoners, who were diagnosed, including 200 chronic diseases, including (22) prisoners with cancer and tumors of varying degrees. lung.

Among the most prominent names of sick prisoners who are in the Ramle Clinic prison are: Khaled Al-Shawish, Mansour Muqada, Mutasim Raddad, Nahed Al-Aqra’, Nasser Abu Hamid, and Iyad Hreibt), noting that most of them have been languishing since the date of their arrest in the Ramle Clinic prison, and they witnessed the death of A number of their comrades over the years.

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