In brief, who is coach Marcelo Bielsa?

In brief, who is coach Marcelo Bielsa?
In brief, who is coach Marcelo Bielsa?

Argentine Marcelo Bielsa entered Al-’s circle of interests, succeeding Portuguese Ricardo Soares, who left the team after he agreed to the Al-Ahly administration to terminate his contract.

Al-Ahly club management is looking for a strong coach to lead the team technically during the next stage, after the failure of Suarez’s experience with the team, so the name Bielsa was proposed, to be one of the strong candidates to be at the head of the technical staff of Al-Ahly club.

Who is Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa?

Bielsa is one of the strongest coaches in Europe, with recent experience from Leeds United, and during his time at the English club, he was able to rank among the best European coaching giants.

In conclusion, we provide you with a brief definition of one of the strongest candidates to succeed Suaresh in Al-Ahly during the next stage:

The Argentine coach has trained a number of clubs and teams. His most important experiences were with Argentina’s Newell’s Old Boys, Espanyol and Athletic Bilbao in Spain, Olympic and Lille in France, Leeds United in England, and Italy’s Lazio.

Bielsa achieved a great achievement by successfully qualifying Leeds for the English after an absence of 17 years, and became a strong opponent of the most powerful coaches in the world such as Klopp and Guardiola.

The coach, nominated to lead Al-Ahly Club, led his country’s national team, Argentina, from 1998 to 2004. Together with the tango dancers, he managed to achieve the gold medal in the Olympic Games in 2004.

In this regard, Long Live Egypt tried to find out the truth about the news circulating regarding Al-Ahly’s contract with the Portuguese Queiroz, who has the latest foreign experience with the national team, so contact was made with Nilo Vengada, coach of club and the former Egypt team, to find out the latest developments in the contract of the red genie with his compatriot, the owner of the Egyptian national team. 69 years old

Vingada said, in exclusive and exclusive statements to Long Live Egypt, that Queiroz already has an offer to train Al-Ahly Club, and negotiations are taking place with him by one of the club’s officials, but he has not yet taken the official decision regarding this offer.

And the former technical director of the Egyptian Federation added: “I am a very close friend of Mr. Queiroz, and as brothers, I talked to him about everything, but he does not need persuasion, as he has the knowledge and the ability to make the best decisions.”

He continued his statements to Long Live Egypt, saying: “Mr. Queiroz is solving some issues related to him at the present time, and arranges things that he will announce soon.”

And he concluded: What I know is that he will not accept any offers from clubs at the present time, as he is looking for offers to coach the national teams.

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