E-finance service from the Sakani platform

E-finance service from the Sakani platform
E-finance service from the Sakani platform

The e-finance service from the sakani platform is one of the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Housing, and it makes it easier for users to obtain financing products for real estate without the need to visit the financing authorities, and applicants can submit financing requests directly through the digital platform and complete the steps, to apply for eligibility from housing finance supported by Sakani platform through the electronic link of the Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Finance Support. residential.

The most important features of the electronic financing service from the Sakani platform

The new electronic finance service allows Saudi families to apply through the website and enjoy a set of the following advantages:

  1. Easy steps to apply for financing from anywhere at any time.
  2. Offer an initial offer of the required funding.
  3. Availability of requests to the financier at any time.
  4. Identifying the status of the funding request through the electronic inquiry.

The Ministry’s portal has added many new services through a housing support platform and an advanced digital application.

Real estate financing products from the sakani platform

The Executive Director of the Housing and Social Finance Support Fund presented the new agreement for the beneficiaries of the sakani program and the Real Estate Development Fund to obtain services
This is done through electronic linking to the Sakani platform application, which offers the following financing products:

  1. Residential units under construction.
  2. Self-financing.
  3. Completed prefabricated housing units.

All these products can be found through the website of the Social Housing Fund and support many integrated electronic services.

Steps to benefit from the financing service

To obtain the financing product from the Sakani platform, the following steps must be followed in order:

  1. First, access to an online residential platform and application.
  2. Second, choose the right real estate product for the client.
  3. Third, determine the financier chosen by the client.
  4. Fourth, fill out the financing request data on the platform.
  5. Fifth: Obtaining approval of the initial offer.
  6. Sixth: Directing the request to the financing entity.

Al Rajhi Bank participates in financing residential units under construction.

Troubled Support Program

Ejar is an integrated electronic network that aims to regulate the real estate rental sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The support service is provided according to the following conditions:

  • The case must be within the categories covered by the support.
  • Documentation of the residential lease contract within the rental network.
  • Issuance of the execution decision against the beneficiary by the execution judge.
  • And the county organizing committee issued a decision on the type of support.

You can take advantage of this service and find out more details, as well as easily activate it through its official website.

Terms and Conditions

The e-finance service requires the Sakani platform to have some of the following controls as follows:

  • First, the electronic funding application should be to approved funding bodies.
  • It is also necessary to ensure that the requirements of the funding body are met before submitting the application.
  • Keep in mind that the initial offer of funding is indicative and non-binding.
  • Funding procedures must be completed through the channels of the funder.

Inquiry about housing application by ID number

You can inquire about the housing support request using the ID number by following the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Sakani electronic platform link.
  2. From the top right of the page, click on Login.
  3. Then we determine the status of the citizen or resident.
  4. Then we click on Check Eligibility Status.
  5. You must also put the identification number of the applicant.
  6. Then we click on Verify.
  7. We write the date of birth and choose to continue.
  8. You will receive a code on the phone that you enter and follow it.
  9. You will finally be taken to the personal data page and the status of the order indicated in it.

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