Deauville American Film Festival Tribute to Olivia Newton-John

Deauville American Film Festival Tribute to Olivia Newton-John
Deauville American Film Festival Tribute to Olivia Newton-John

The American Film Festival in Deauville, during the opening of its forty-eighth session on Friday evening in the city in the Normandy region (northern France), dedicated a tribute to the star of the movie “Grace”, the Australian actress and singer Olivia Newton-John, who died in early August. His screenings, which continue until September 11, are “Cool Jane” about abortion.

One of the most famous scenes was shown on the screen of the Deauville International Center, where the festival opened, one of the most famous scenes of the musical “Grace”, which achieved wide popularity in 1978, in which Olivia Newton-John appears in her leather jacket as “Sandy” with the film’s hero, John Travolta.

The phrase “Hello to Olivia Newton-John” appeared on the screen, to the cheers and applause of the audience. The actress passed away on her Southern California ranch at the beginning of August, after a 30-year battle with breast cancer.

Minutes later, the city’s mayor, Philippe Ogier, and the US ambassador to France, Denise Campbell-Boyer, announced the opening of the forty-eighth session of the festival.

The opening ceremony also saw Lucy Boynton, who starred in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, receiving the “New Hollywood” honorary award from French actress Elodie Bouches. Created in 2011, this award is dedicated to the faces of tomorrow and has previously been awarded to Jessica Chastain, Ryan Gosling and Robert Pattinson.

Thirteen feature films will compete during the nine days of the festival, with the winners to be announced next Saturday evening. Among these films, which were previously shown in various sections of the Cannes International Film Festival, such as “War Pony” by Gina Gammel and Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough, and “After Sun” by Charlotte Wells.

Among the highlights of the Deauville Festival is the screening of the film “Blond”, which deals with the life story of . The screening will be attended by the film’s director, Andrew Dominic, and the Cuban actress, Ana de Armas, who played Marilyn Monroe, after she was the “James Bond girl”.

“Blond”, available from September 28 on , will compete for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, which will be shown on September 8.

With regard to documentaries, which the Deauville Festival has devoted a very large section to, attention is directed to a film about Canadian musician Leonard Cohen, who died in 2016 at the age of 82. The film is titled “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song” and was directed by Dan Geller and Dina Goldvine.

The festival’s audience is awaiting the presence of the actor-turned-director Jesse Eisenberg, on the occasion of the screening of his movie “One You Finish Saving the World”.

Another highlight of the festival is the closing screening of American actress Olivia Wilde’s “Don Worry Darling”, starring Florence Pew and pop star .


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