The Federation of Chambers and State Real Estate review the working mechanism and rules of ownership

The Federation of Chambers and State Real Estate review the working mechanism and rules of ownership
The Federation of Chambers and State Real Estate review the working mechanism and rules of ownership

The Federation of Saudi Chambers, represented by the National Real Estate Committee and the real estate sectoral committees in the Chambers of Commerce, held an extensive meeting with the General Secretariat of the Committees for Considering Real Estate Ownership Applications (Ehkam) to review the rules and work mechanism of the consideration committees.
The Secretary-General of the (Ehkam) platform, Ahmed Al-Sager, gave an extensive presentation on the role and tasks of the committees, addressing the amended rules and mechanism of consideration that were issued in the middle of last March, and the stages and procedures that the study of requests from all aspects of legal, legal and technical aspects, reviewing the working mechanism of the (Ehkam) platform. Digital, including receiving requests for ownership and modification of real estate that enables citizens to submit their requests from any location and at any time, and linking the platform with a number of government agencies in order to automate procedures and ensure that ownership requests conform to the required conditions.
The falcon discussed the conditions and documents required when submitting an application to own real estate on the platform, the most important of which is that the property, the subject of the ownership application, had been revived before the order preventing the revival issued by Royal Decree No. (21679) on 9/11/1387 AH, and that the property should not be the subject of the application Within the sites where ownership may not be acquired legally or under orders, decisions, and instructions, and a deed of ownership acquired for final capacity is required, in case the application has completed the procedures for the title deed or the formal amendment request, and that the application is submitted before the date of 5/5/1444 e.
For his part, the Chairman of the National Real Estate Committee, Muhammad Al-Murshed, reviewed during the meeting the achievements of the committee since the launch of its current session a year and a half ago, in cooperation with the real estate committees in the chambers of commerce, and its role in the development of the real estate sector and increasing its contribution to economic activity by presenting proposals and visions to the concerned authorities, which contributed to improving The sector’s work environment, enhancing communication with government agencies, raising real estate awareness, and contributing to the industry and formulation of a number of economic decisions, including the investment strategy for the real estate sector, as well as its initiatives to raise the quality
Efficiency of the real estate sector and improving the real estate investment environment in the Kingdom.

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