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Informed sources within Al-Ahly Club revealed the timing of the announcement of the new coach of the first football team of the Red Castle, after a long series of negotiations between more than one veteran and young coach.

The sources reported that the new technical director of the Red Castle will sign new contracts within the next 72 hours, after internal stability on the name that will lead the players technically in the coming period.

According to informed sources, the Al-Ahly club news website Ahly NewsAl-Ahly club will sign Austrian coach Eddie Hutter or Adolf Hutter, because he is the closest so far in the negotiations, in addition to having a strong biography and an influential personality.

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The sources indicated that Al-Khatib is personally supervising the file of bringing in the new 52-year-old coach, who is looking forward to being influential and achieving what others have failed in the past period.

Al-Ahly club is renewing the file of negotiations on the other hand, with more than one Portuguese and German technical director who is a strong candidate, but the Austrian slate this time may be the best for the Planning and Football Committee and members of the board of directors.

Captain “Bebo” close to him consults in this file, in order to know all the details of the joining of the technical director with outstanding performance and strong experience in order to prevent the recurrence of any other matters that would affect the team’s career in the near future.

It is noteworthy that the Austrian coach led Borussia Monchengladbach in addition to Anderlecht and Frankfurt, and other major clubs, and achieved many successes, winning most of the derbies he fought with these clubs.

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