Gold prices rose today, Saturday, and 21 karat at 1117 pounds | Goods’ prices

rose Gold prices today Saturday, September 3, 2022, as the price of a gram increased by 6: 9 pounds, affected by the increase in the ounce at the conclusion of the global stock exchange trading, in addition to the state of supply and demand in the local goldsmiths markets.

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Hani Milad, head of the General Division of Gold, said that we are witnessing a state of instability; Due to the global economic conditions, which led to fluctuation gold prices.

Milad indicated, during a phone call to the “Akher An-Nahar” program, broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, on Thursday evening, that the local market in Egypt is affected by gold prices globally, noting that there is a demand to buy gold, and they view it as safe savings, as the The supply is less than required.

The head of the Gold Division pointed out that we are awaiting the situation in the coming period, hoping that there will be a breakthrough in imports so that there will be stability in the region. local gold prices.

Monitors “information markets” gold price now In its report issued on Friday, which came as follows:

Gold prices today

24 karat gold price per gram

The price of 24 carat gold has now risen by about 9 pounds per gram, to record 1277 pounds.

gold gram price 21 . caliber

The price of a gram of gold also recorded an increase of 1117 pounds, an increase of 7 pounds, compared to prices yesterday, Friday, and it is the most prevalent caliber in Egypt.

The price of a gram of gold today is 18 karat

The price of a gram of gold increased by 6 pounds, to 957 pounds, which is the best-selling caliber in Lower Egypt.

price gold pound today

The price of the gold pound rose by about 56 pounds, to record 8936 pounds, and it weighs 8 grams of 21 karat.

Global gold futures and spot prices

Gold prices rose globally at the close of trading on Friday, as the spot price of gold rose by $14.91, an increase of 0.88%, to reach $1711.98 an ounce, and gold futures contracts for October delivery rose by about $13.4, or 0.79%, to record $1,713 an ounce at the time of publication. the news.

It should be noted that the most influential factor in the price of a gram of gold other than the declared price is the workmanship of each shop, and the workmanship varies from one goldsmiths shop to another, and also varies from one region to another.

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