A “struggle for influence” between armed militias renews the wounds of Tripoli

A “struggle for influence” between armed militias renews the wounds of Tripoli
A “struggle for influence” between armed militias renews the wounds of Tripoli

Clashes erupted between two armed formations suddenly, yesterday evening, in an area close to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, but before daybreak, they stopped, leaving at least 5 wounded, renewing the wounds of the residents of the capital that had not yet healed.

The areas of Ghout Abu Saq and al-Swani in Warshafana (35 km southwest of Tripoli) witnessed clashes in which light and medium weapons were used between members of the “55th Brigade” led by Muammar al-Dhawi, loyal to Fathi Bashagha, head of the “stability government”, and others affiliated with Ramzi al-Lafa’, who is affiliated with the government of “Stability” The unit” headed by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba.

Local residents from the Al-Swani area monitored the entry of forces belonging to Major General Osama Joly, head of the joint operations room in the western region, who was sacked by Dabaiba, to support Al-Dhawi, noting that they “spent last night, under bullets and cannon fire, and were unable to leave their homes because of the continuing fighting.” .

With the heat of the clashes increasing, the Ghout Abu Saq area declared a state of emergency, amid calls for all medical staff to join their work in its hospital.

After the outbreak of the clashes, the Al-Fahd Specialized Medical Clinic said that it had received the family of Muhammad Du`a bin Musa, who was injured as a result of a shell falling on their house, noting that one of the family members was seriously injured and is in a critical condition, while the rest of the family members are in stable condition.

Today, Osama Ali, spokesman for the Emergency and Ambulance Service of the Ministry of Health in Tripoli, announced that all axes that witnessed clashes in the Warshafana area had calmed down, confirming that five civilians were slightly injured as a result of the clashes, according to an initial toll.

The agency also announced the opening of a safe corridor for stranded families in the Al-Khela area in the municipality of Swani bin Adam, in coordination with the ambulance and emergency services.

The agency reassured “civilians wishing to cross from the Al-Khela area and towards the Jodi juice factory that they can do so because there are no clashes there.”

The Ambulance and Emergency Service had said that four cars belonging to the Center for Emergency Medicine and Support, Tripoli Branch, entered the Warshafana area to get 21 stuck families out, after the agency received several reports and calls for help from families.

He pointed out that calm now prevails in all axes of fighting, and an initial outcome of the injury of 5 civilians was lightly wounded.

At the end of last month, the Libyan capital witnessed bloody clashes that left 23 dead and 140 wounded between armed groups loyal to Bashagha and Dabaiba.

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