.. the full scenes for the survival of Zizou

.. the full scenes for the survival of Zizou
Zamalek .. the full scenes for the survival of Zizou

The player’s desire and salary adjustment is behind the new contract for the white goal scorer

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Ferreira watching the Saudi Crescent.. and a return to Omar Kamal Abdul Wahed

Said Shabana

club officials succeeded in getting rid of the big headache, represented by the departure of Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the attacking midfielder for the first football team, by officially renewing the player for the next 3 seasons, with the abolition of the penalty clause stipulated in his contract.

The efforts of the Zamalek administration succeeded in reaching an agreement with Zizou, 26, to raise his annual salary, amend his financial compensation, and compensate him by a large percentage for the major financial offers he received in the recent period, most notably from the Qatari Rayyan to contract with him during the upcoming summer transfers, taking advantage of the existence of a penalty clause in his contract that reaches to 45 million pounds only.

Zizou signed after a lengthy meeting with Mortada Mansour, club president, Ahmed Mortada, a member of the council, and Amir Mortada, the supervisor of the ball, on his new contract in Zamalek, which saw the increase in his annual salary with the abolition of the penalty clause stipulated in the old contract. The most important demands of Josevaldo Ferreira, the coach, who was refusing to leave Zizou from his ranks for any other club.

Zizou’s desire, 26, to continue with Zamalek, contributed to resolving the situation during the negotiations, after his annual salary was raised to finally apologize for accepting the Qatari Al Rayyan offer, which he tried to buy away from the penalty clause for $ 5 million, but the request was rejected by the Zamalek administration.

At the same time, the Zamalek administration resolved the file of renewing the contract of the defending midfielder, Mohamed Ashraf Roqa, for the next three seasons, and closed the page of his departure from the ranks of the white team, based on the recommendation of coach Ferreira, who expressed a great desire for the player to continue in his ranks during the next season, after he contributed to the Zamalek harvest. The title of the champion in the last version.

Zamalek also officially announced the restoration of the services of its player Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, the future star and the national team, and his return to the team next season, without revealing other details to support his ranks with a strong deal in the right-back position, unlike more than one center that Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed is good at.

On the other hand, Zamalek will continue, in the coming hours, its official preparations for its upcoming meeting with the Saudi Al Hilal on the Lusail Cup, with Ferrera’s focus remarkably on following up the recordings of the Saudi team’s matches and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of his squad.

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