Saleh Ali Al-Dawil Paras – The hijacking of electric fuel locomotives in Shabwa in Marib, Qibli or Harki!!?

Saleh Ali Al-Dawil Paras – The hijacking of electric fuel locomotives in Shabwa in Marib, Qibli or Harki!!?
Saleh Ali Al-Dawil Paras – The hijacking of electric fuel locomotives in Shabwa in Marib, Qibli or Harki!!?
* They looted diesel locomotives for Electricity of Shabwa in broad daylight and emptied their loads in an enclosure in “Marib” in a precedent that Marib witnessed since their mercenaries invaded Shabwa in 2019 and established a Brotherhood authority that was “a dead fantasy” for the Marib authority *

* The Ma’rib authorities did not move a finger about this blatant attack, and their authority was satisfied with justifying that it was the work of a “public tribal sector” on fuel from rebellious tribes in the line!!! It is an excuse worse than sin!!! So why, throughout the rule of the Brotherhood and their militias in Shabwa, what happened one day, a tribal public sector on fuel for the electricity of Shabwa or others!!?*

* The coverage “it” took the path of condemning the local authority in Shabwa and that it is a failure and that it is the culprit in that sector, from the governor to the contractor to the director of electricity to the director of the oil department in Shabwa. As for Marib, its authority is institutional. With the sector!!?*
* Some of them recommended that the Marib authority find “the red eye” from the Shabwa authority, that is, either the Shabwa authority turn a blind eye to respond with the same act of cutting!!! It justifies that it is a general tribal sector, or that it is an authority that does not possess “Al-Ain Al-Hamra” and that those who owned it were the authority of the Brotherhood in Shabwa before the failure of their militia’s rebellion, which was dealing with Marib “in Al-Ain Al-Hamra”*

* Even “Al-Bhim” knows that the Brotherhood’s authority in Shabwa since 2019 was an extension of the Marib Brotherhood’s authority and “the imagination of its death.” Marib did not use the “tribal sector” until after the failure of their Brotherhood militia’s rebellion in Shabwa, and this proves that the Marib Brotherhood’s authority does not appeal to any authority until it resorts It has the authority of Shabwa. All institutions are run by a Brotherhood militia and they use all means, no matter how dirty, to achieve their agenda, including the case of “tribal severing,” which the Marib Brotherhood authority did not allow until after the Brotherhood militia’s rebellion was defeated. For electric locomotives during the past years, but after the defeat of the Brotherhood militias? Isn’t the Marbi tribal sector now on Shabwa part of the Brotherhood’s militia?*

* What if a tribal sector falls in Shabwa for everything related to Marib? Will it be said that some of the people of Shabwa made the cut, or that the money will differ?*

*It will definitely be different!!*

* 3 September 2022 AD *

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