A Saudi girl creates, at the Return to Riyadh Festival, stationery with traditional drawings and an Arab identity

A Saudi girl creates, at the Return to Riyadh Festival, stationery with traditional drawings and an Arab identity
A Saudi girl creates, at the Return to Riyadh Festival, stationery with traditional drawings and an Arab identity

In the Return to Riyadh Festival, a Saudi girl created stationery engraved with heritage drawings and elements of the Arab identity, and turned them into designs printed on gifts and school supplies offered for purchase in front of visitors to the festival, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Sen” store

The Saudi girl, “Sarah Al-Ghamdi”, through her store “Seen”, aims to change the patterns of traditional Arabic stationery designs to new forms that suit the tastes and interests of the festival’s visitors, as her designs were inspired by the local heritage, and combined it with a modern character enlivened by colors.

In the Return to Riyadh Festival, the hall dedicated to “Seen” included various products, such as: calendars, canvas bags, various gifts engraved with Arabic inscriptions, and various heritage lines that are part of the region’s culture.

Hijri calendar

It is noteworthy that the Hijri calendar in the “Seen” store is characterized by its designs, colors and options that garnered the attention of visitors, as it came in different forms, including what is hung on the wall, and what appears in the form of a book, with various expressions that derive their beauty from the distinctive Arabic fonts.

Return to Sports Festival

It is worth noting that the Return to Riyadh Festival, which will continue until September 5, is open to visitors all days of the week, starting from 6:00 pm and until 12:00 after midnight on weekdays, and from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am At the end of the week, the entrance ticket is 20 riyals, and it can be booked through the following link:

Festival activities

The festival includes new integrated and unique interactive experiences, including a range of fun activities and events that combine knowledge and entertainment such as:
• Science Experience
• Space experience
• Experience languages ​​and arts
• Ninja Experience
• Occupational Experience

Festival ticket conditions:

• Entry ticket is valid for one person only.
• The ticket is not refundable or exchangeable.
• There are no specific ages for entry.
• Visitors are kindly requested not to wear high-heeled shoes.
• Games are reserved for those whose height starts from 90 cm.
• The entry ticket is only valid for the time and date mentioned on it.
• Neither the Promoters nor the Event Administrators shall be liable for any loss or theft of personal items.
• The promoters or those responsible for the event shall not be liable for any injury or damage that may occur in this place unless it is proven that the cause is due to negligence.
• The promoters or administrators are not responsible for any child lost within the festival and parents can refer to the Lost and Found section.
• Visitors are bound by the festival times according to the times on the ticket.
• It is forbidden to bring in food and drinks from outside.
• Free entry for children under 5 years of age, and for people of determination.
• In the event that the event has been canceled, postponed, or changed by the organizer:
The ticket value is returned as a balance in the customer’s electronic wallet with the service provider.

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