Leaked document..security warnings of massive assassinations in Baghdad

Leaked document..security warnings of massive assassinations in Baghdad
Leaked document..security warnings of massive assassinations in Baghdad

After the bloodiest week in Iraq, in 3 years, fears escalated after a leaked security document warning of assassinations targeting people in Baghdad.

And the leaked security document, issued by the Baghdad Operations Command, yesterday, Friday, revealed that “outlaw” armed groups had carried out assassinations in the Iraqi capital.

According to the same document, which was published by Iraqi media, the planned assassinations will take place in “cars with shaded plates or motorcycles with more than one person traveling.”

However, the leaked security document did not reveal the Iraqi figures targeted for the expected assassinations, or even the armed groups that plan to carry them out.

The Baghdad Operations Command is one of 9 similar commands affiliated to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, which in turn represents the cooperation of several Iraqi military institutions to manage and coordinate military operations in Iraq, and was established in 2007.

Street boiling

Security concerns are increasing with the escalation of the protests, after the “Tishreen” entered the line of conflict between the Sadrist movement and the coordination framework.

Two days after the end of the protests and the sit-in movement of the two sides of the conflict, “the Sadrists and the Frame”, the coordinating movements of the “October protests” called for central demonstrations in the capital, Baghdad, in response to the bad general conditions and the sustainability of the political crisis triggered by the early October elections, and its repercussions.

On Friday afternoon, hundreds of protesters gathered at Nisour Square, west of the capital, Baghdad, and raised slogans of change, presented by banners that explicitly read “Iran will not rule us.”

The demonstrators, who appeared to be angry and resentful of what is happening in Iraq, denounced the political subordination and exposing sovereignty to regional and international wills.

Dissolving the current Iraqi parliament and proceeding to early legislative elections was the permanent demand, but the demonstrators in Baghdad stipulated that there be an amendment to some provisions of the constitution and the election law in a way that ensures that copies of consensus and quotas will not be repeated in future governments.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called, days after his supporters stormed the presidential district in Baghdad, last July, to dissolve parliament and assign that task to the judiciary, as well as to achieve early legislative elections.

Many political forces expressed solidarity with these demands, with the exception of some entities affiliated with the coordinating framework, which al-Sadr called the “ominous trinity.”

These demands exacerbated the complex situation between the two sides of the Shiite conflict, which led to armed clashes at the presidential district late last month, which ended with the death and injury of dozens, forcing al-Sadr to call on his supporters to withdraw and end peaceful protests.

The demands of the demonstrators in Al-Nusour Square converge with Al-Sadr’s recent calls, but they go further in condemning all the political forces active in the scene and holding them responsible for the current situation.

ISIS in the picture

The Iraqi security is in an unenviable position between the extensive security operations for the demonstrators, and the terrorist organization ISIS targeting its forces with suicide attacks, the latest of which was in Anbar Governorate, western Iraq, on Friday.

A terrorist operation carried out by an ISIS suicide bomber detonating his explosive belt, an Iraqi force stormed his hideout in Anbar, killing a soldier and wounding 4 others at a tunnel in Rawa district in the governorate.

ISIS often relies on open lands with complex terrain as hideouts and secret headquarters to plan and launch attacks, in exchange for continuous military operations by Iraqi forces to pursue terrorist cells.

The political scene in Iraq has been complicated since last October, but the differences between the parties have reached the point of fighting in the capital, Baghdad, amid warnings that ISIS is benefiting from the intensification of the political conflict.

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