Celebrities were saddened by the death of their siblings during 2022, the most recent of which are Nadine Al-Rassi and Abeer Sabri

Sadness gathered during the past months many celebrities who lost one of their brothers, most recently Nadine Al-Rassi, Abeer Sabri, Latifa Al-Tunisi and Kazem Al-Saher, and consequently these stars lived very difficult moments after losing those whom they consider their support in life, while the great tragedy was for Nadine Al-Rassi, who could not bear the death of her brother The artist, George Al-Rassi, suddenly, after he died in a traffic accident, where she collapsed at his funeral and lived very bitter moments at his funeral and is still under severe shock days after his departure.

The death of Nadine Al-Rassi’s brother

Lebanese star Nadine Al-Rassi was devastated on August 27 by the news of the death of her brother, George Al-Rassi, as a result of a horrific traffic accident, after his car collided with a median barrier at the point separating the Lebanese and Syrian borders, while returning from Syria after reviving a party there.

Nadine Al-Rassi received the news like a thunderbolt, as she collapsed and expressed her great sadness for him in her first comment, as she published a picture of her touching with George Al-Rassi and wrote: “My heart broke, I broke my back, Cindy, you are love, tenderness and strength, my brother.” She also published a picture of her mother with her late brother. George El Rassi and wrote, “My mother’s heart is broken.”

The death of George El Rassi

During her brother’s funeral, Nadine Al-Rassi collapsed and cried for a long time during the ceremony, while those close to her and the stars tried to support her and support her to get through the ordeal that she experienced with her family.

The forensic medicine revealed the body of George Al-Rassi and said that the body was intact and not deformed, and there were fractures in the rib cage and the head, as a result of a strong collision with the concrete barrier, which led to his death.

The death of the brother of Latifa Al-Tunisi

On August 24, Tunisian actress Latifa announced the death of her older brother, Hassan, in a post on her Facebook account.

The Tunisian star inherited her brother with a farewell tweet, in which she expressed the extent of her tragedy with the death of her bond. She wrote: “My great brother, Hassan, dear, good, nostalgic, bond. We were waiting for you, but fate was faster.. God bless you, beloved of your sister. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.. on your parting.”

Latifa Al-Tunisia mourns the death of her brother

Latifa Al-Tunisi was satisfied with this tweet, as her family was keen that the funeral and burial ceremony be away from the media and the lights, while Latifa received messages of condolences from the most famous artists who supported and supported her in her painful ordeal.

The death of Abeer Sabri’s brother

At the beginning of last July, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, the brother of the artist Abeer Sabry and the media, Marwa Sabry, died, in his forties, and his funeral was attended by his family away from the media.

Abeer Sabri called her brother in a weeping post, expressing her refraction of his death, and she published, through her account, “Instagram”, a picture of her gathering with her brother and his son, and commented on it, saying: “Oh, my love, my heart, why do you, my love, leave us and your son and walk? Mama will die without you while we are very broken and our hearts are divided from grief.

The death of Abeer Sabri's brother
The death of Abeer Sabri’s brother

Abeer Sabri pledged her brother to take care of his son, saying to him: “Oh, I wish you and me, my love, would you prefer your son and your youth. God willing, and I will see you soon, and I will come to you and greet Baba, may God have mercy on you and forgive you, O light of my eyes, my brother, who tricked me from the world, my love.”

The death of Kazem El Saher’s brother

At the beginning of 2022, the artist Kazem El-Saher was saddened by the death of his eldest brother, “Ali Jabbar al-Samarrai.” His brother Hussein Jabbar mourned him in a post on his page on the social networking site Facebook. To Him we shall return.”

The death of Kazem El Saher's brother
The death of Kazem El Saher’s brother

Kazem El-Saher was keen to mourn his brother with a touching message on the social media, in which he revealed the merits of the late and wished him mercy. He posted on his Instagram account a picture bearing a Quranic verse, and commented on it, saying: “My dear brother, may God have mercy on your good soul. Your abode is heaven, God willing.. May God protect you always and keep you away from all harm.

The death of Ahmed Salama’s sister

The artist Ahmed Salama also announced this year the death of his sister, Dr. Amal Salama, and mourned her through his account on the “Facebook” website: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My sister, Dr. Amal Salama, died to God’s mercy. May God bless her with his mercy and forgive her.”

The funeral of Ahmed Salama’s sister was held out of the spotlight, while he received condolences from his fellow stars via social media.

The Source of the photos is from the accounts of the stars on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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